Dover Referrals FAQs

❓ What are you doing with my connections?

Dover will search through your connections to find people who might be good fits for the jobs your company is hiring for. Dover will surface these people to you and your company’s hiring managers for review.

❓ Who will see my connections?

Hiring managers at your company will see all connections who are potential fits for all open roles. You'll also be able to see all of your connections who are potential fits for open roles. Colleagues who are not hiring managers will not be able to see your connections.

❓ Can I go through my connections and exclude those who are not a good fit so that they're not reached out to?

Yes! You can navigate here after uploading your connections to review your surfaced connections. You can then review your connections and select if the hiring manager can reach out and name-drop you, if you want to reach out yourself, or if the candidate shouldn't be reached out to.

❓ How does Dover modify the outreach messaging when contacting Referral candidates?

Dover will send the same outbound copy that the hiring manager drafted when onboarding the role initially with Dover, and replace the personalized content portion with “I saw you were connected with <<Referrer name>>, so I thought I’d reach out”

❓ If I am a hiring manager, why can I not add my own connections to Dover outreach?

If you are both the email sender and the connected person, you will only be able to contact that connection outside of Dover since sending emails to your own connections can be highly sensitive.

❓ If outreach never went out, how do I revert my decision to use Dover outreach and contact them myself?

If you attempt to contact a Referral candidate through Dover and candidates are stuck in “Contacted” with “Queued for outreach from hiring manager” or “Failed to find email for referral”, this means that this candidate was either already contacted by Dover or your team or we could not find a reliable email for them. If the we failed to find a reliable email, you can instead contact them manually by selecting “Move Back to Review” under “Actions”, and then selecting the manual outreach option under “Needs Review”.

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