Getting Started

Here’s your Quick Start Guide to using Dover’s Platform & Services. Explore Dover’s features and learn how Dover can help you meet your recruiting needs.

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How-to Videos

Explore short how-to videos on how to use Dover’s products, features, and services

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Post to careers page and 50+ job boards, auto-rank applicants across sources, track and schedule candidates in one place, and much more

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Embedded Recruiter

Your Embedded Recruiter can help your team with anything from scheduling to sourcing strategy to talking to candidates. Your Embedded Recruiter can handle the entire interview process from initial call to final interview including communicating with and scheduling candidates.

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Sourcing Autopilot

Sourcing Autopilot sends personalized outreach to candidates who match the calibrated search criteria for your job. Once you’ve created your outreach campaigns, Dover can send customized outreach to candidates.

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Dover Interviewer

Interviewers are available to conduct initial phone screens for approved candidates. Our Interviewers ask pre-approved questions to each candidate and post notes that your team can use to decide whether to advance candidates in the interview process.

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Analyze your hiring metrics to understand how your recruiting process is working.

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Sourcing Copilot

Dover's Chrome extension for sourcing candidates directly from LinkedIn

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Settings & Integrations

Setting up your Dover account is quick and easy! Learn more about how to set up your company and jobs on Dover, how to customize your user settings—including scheduling preferences and notifications—and about our integration with Slack.

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Dover Talent Network (Beta)

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