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✨ To add LinkedIn to Dover and have Dover post and maintain your job board listing, please add LinkedIn to your Job Boards in Dover. ✨

How to post on LinkedIn through Dover:

You can post on LinkedIn through Dover for Free. Learn more paid vs. free job postings below.

  1. Navigate to the Dover App and select one of your active jobs

  2. In the Job Posting tab, select Job Boards

  3. Toggle to the Job Board Selector

  4. Click +Add source next to LinkedIn, select your subscription amount, select whether to automatically renew job postings, and add a credit card to pay for job postings.

Paid vs. Free LinkedIn Posting

Dover has a special partnership with LinkedIn. Any job on Dover can be posted to LinkedIn for Free. When you select $200/month subscription, you will get the $500/month subscription at a significant discount.

Below are some of the differences between paid and free LinkedIn job postings.

Free Job Posts

Promoted Job Posts

shown in search results

shown in search results

appears at the top of search results with "Promoted" tag

top placement in job recommendations when candidates browse for jobs

instant mobile alerts to qualified local candidates for up to 3x more applicants

For more information about the differences between job postings, please read this article from LinkedIn.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Can I connect my existing LinkedIn posting to Dover?

No. You cannot connect an existing LinkedIn posting to Dover. If you would like to leverage Dover's Application Review, please deactivate your existing job posting. Once that has been done, you can activate your job posting in Dover.

❓ What if I already have applications in LinkedIn from my previous posting? Do those automatically get pulled into Dover?

No. Unfortunately, your existing applications would not be pulled into Dover. If you have set up your ATS Integration with Ashby, Lever or Greenhouse in Dover and those applicants enter the interview process, they will be synced to Dover. You can also manually add applicants using the +Add Candidate feature. Please note that manually added candidates will appear as Candidates in Dover. Under Advanced, you can filter for Manually Added candidates.

❓ Where can I find my LinkedIn posting?

Once you have added a LinkedIn posting to your job, your LinkedIn posting will appear on your Company's LinkedIn page. Go to your company page on LinkedIn and go to the Jobs tab. You will see your jobs listed there. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for a new job posting to appear on LinkedIn.

❓ I do not have a Company LinkedIn page. Can I still use Dover to create a LinkedIn post?

No. In order to post a job on LinkedIn, you must have a Company LinkedIn page. You can easily create a Company LinkedIn page. Once you have created a Company LinkedIn page, please add the url to your Company Settings in Dover here. Then Dover can post your job on LinkedIn.

If you do not have a Company LinkedIn page, the job posting will fail, and the LinkedIn job board will be deactivated in Dover.

❓ It's been 24 hours since I added my LinkedIn posting through Dover. Why can't I find my job posting?

If you do not see your job posted on LinkedIn, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please confirm that you do not do not see a posting on your Company's LinkedIn page.

  2. Please check your Company Settings in Dover here to make sure that you provided Dover with the correct url

  3. Please make sure that you do not have an existing LinkedIn posting with the same job title. LinkedIn only allows one job posting per company with the same name. In order for Dover to post your job, please remove your existing job post.

If you have completed these steps and still do not see your job posting, please reach out to our Support team using the Chat or via email at [email protected]

❓ There are more applicants in LinkedIn than in Dover. Why is that?

LinkedIn tracks Apply clicks, not application submissions. If the number of applicants on LinkedIn is higher than the number you see in Dover, this likely means that applicants are clicking to apply but do not end up submitting their application. It is normal for there to be drop-off at this stage of the application process due to various reasons.

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