❓ How do I communicate with candidates who receive Dover outreach?

Dover is managing communications for you and Dover utilizes various points of automation in our process, so it's best to leave communications to our Dover team.

We flag all interested candidate responses to you directly in Slack and you will be able to view email communication threads in the Pipeline.

❓ What if a candidate follows up with the Dover-managed email account? How will I know?

No worries! Any time a candidate follows up, Dover will surface that followup with you and you can either let Dover respond directly or Dover can forward you the email thread and your team can take over communications and scheduling.

  • If we forward you an email You can simply reply directly to the candidate via the thread we forwarded over. candidates are unlikely to notice that the email account is slightly different.

  • You also have access to their contact information on app.dover.io and could start a new thread from your active email account. This way if they follow up again, it will go directly to you.

Do I need to respond to candidates myself?

Dover responds to candidates on your behalf up until the Initial call. No action is needed from you until we loop them in with you or your team for scheduling! Dover does offer End to End Scheduling, so we can handle communication and scheduling throughout the entire interview process.

⚡ Once we make the handoff, it is your responsibility to follow up and move candidates through the process.

What happens if the candidate has questions or I want to customize my response?

We use the answers provided in the Job Basics section to answer most questions our candidates ask (e.g. visa sponsorship, location of role).

If the candidate asks a question we don't have the answer to, we will surface it for you in Slack as part of the candidate notification.

To directly answer the question yourself or otherwise customize your response, select the ... menu next to the Advance/Reject buttons in Slack. This will allow you to approve/reject the candidate and respond to the candidate's question in one place. You can learn more about this feature here!

If you approve a candidate without providing the necessary context or answer to a candidates question, we will follow up with you in order to get the needed information. In these instances, simply reply to the Slack thread with your response and we will send your response to the candidate on your behalf.

What if I want to ask the candidate a question?

It is best practice to avoid asking candidates too many questions in advance of offering them a chance to speak with you or your team. We have found that often candidates will become unresponsive in these cases.

If you're interested in learning more about a candidate, we recommend approving them and asking questions during the first call. Additionally, Dover can conduct the first-round interview to save you time. If you do not currently use Dover Interviewer, please message us in your Slack channel. You can also read more about our Dover Interviewers here.

If you would still like to ask the candidate a question before sending scheduling, please add the question to the candidate thread but do not approve or reject them. We will follow up with the candidate’s response in the same thread, then you can approve or reject the candidate.

⚡ Interested in exploring Dover handling your first-round phone screens? Reach out to your Customer Experience Partner via email or Slack for more information!

Won't it be awkward if candidates make it far in the process and I start emailing from my actual address?

It is standard recruiting practice for hiring managers to operate multiple recruiting and 'non' recruiting email accounts. In most cases, candidates aren't likely to recognize there has been a switch, an added benefit of using an email similar to your real one!

❓ When does Dover send emails?

Dover send emails between 8am - 8pm PT on Monday - Friday and 12 pm - 8 pm PT on Saturday and Sunday. We do not send outreach on most Federal Holidays as response rates tend to suffer.

When a candidate is approved for scheduling we send them a note 1 hour after approval. When a candidate is rejected, we wait at least 24 hours to send them a note in case you decide to change your mind.

⚡ If a candidate is approved after 7 pm PST they will receive a scheduling note the next business day at 9 am PST.

❓ How do I see a breakdown of all the candidates in process?

You are able to access your pipeline at any time by visiting app.dover.io/candidates.

The Dover App can be filtered to show you all candidates currently in the process, as well as a breakdown of anyone that has withdrawn or been rejected.

Hint: If you'd like to see a specific candidate response, simply click on the candidates name and we will show you a comprehensive snapshot of the entire conversation with that candidate. You can also see when interviews are booked and access their contact information as well.

Where can I access our interest rates and other metrics for our search?

In addition to your check-ins with Dover you can also access your reporting dashboard at any time by visiting app.dover.io/reports

❓Can Dover interview candidates for our other (non-Dover) jobs?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to interview candidates for non-Dover jobs at the moment.

If you would like to consider a candidate for a role other than the one we sourced them for it is best for you to assign the interview to yourself so you can share more about the opportunity. If you can share the job description or any information about the other job we can be sure to include this in the scheduling email.

❓What happens when I approve a candidate?

No need to reach out directly. Once you've approved the candidate, Dover will either schedule the candidate with you directly or provide a scheduling link for the candidate to book at their preferred time.

❓What happens when I reject a candidate?

After you reject a candidate, depending on the context surrounding your situation, Dover will send one of our standard rejection notes to close the loop. We always leave the door open for the future and encourage candidates to keep in touch.

❓What if I don't want to reject interested candidates?

Hundreds of companies use Dover's standard workflow without an impact to candidate experience or employer brand. If you're worried about rejecting interested candidates there are a few steps you can take:

1️⃣ Work with your Dover Team to make sure your search is well-calibrated and minimizes rejections.

2️⃣ Approve all candidates in Slack and route the candidates you're not sure about to the Dover Interviewer for a first-round screen. After that call, you can reject the candidates if they're still not a fit for the position. Learn more about Dover Interviewers here.

3️⃣ Set up a virtual recruiter to handle outreach rather than reaching out as the hiring manager.

❓What happens after the first phone call?

Are you using Dover Interviewer?

If Dover is handling your first-round phone screens we will send you a notification in Slack once the call is completed. From there you can either approve or reject them for a second interview.

Notes are included which detail out the candidates answers to the pre-approved rubric questions.

Next steps

After you have spoken to a candidate, you are responsible for determining the next steps and following up with the candidate accordingly.

⚡ Don't want to email candidates through Dover? No problem simply let us know if you're moving the candidate forward or not and then select "Do not send email"

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