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Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQs from Dover users

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🙋‍♀️General FAQs

❓ What is Dover?

Dover is the first platform built to streamline, integrate, and scale every step of the hiring process.

Dover is a recruiting orchestration platform that supports most candidate sources and helps manage candidates through the recruiting process, offering more advanced automation than any other system out there. Dover’s platform infuses operational rigor and smart automation into every step of the recruiting process. This allows you to spend less time on tedious manual work and more time on what you do best — pitching and closing candidates.

Unlike most hiring stacks that have you switching between dozens of tools, Dover is a single platform that integrates with your daily tools—Slack, Gmail, Google Calendar, ATS—making recruiting more seamless than ever before. Once candidates enter the interview process, Dover’s scheduling helps ensure candidates don’t get delayed or dropped, and keeps hiring managers and recruiters accountable for recruiting tasks.

Dover’s platform is flexible to adapt to your hiring process—you can choose what you want to handle directly and what you want to delegate to Dover, so you always have the perfect balance of support and control. At every step in the recruiting process, Dover allows you to take control (for more customization) or delegate to Dover (for more automation). Companies that use Dover quickly see a faster time-to-hire, a larger and more diverse candidate pipeline, and a consistently stellar candidate experience.

❓ How do I get help?

We are available 6am PST - 5pm PT. Our team does its best to ensure that we respond to all of your questions and messages in under 24 hours.

💬 Get help in the Dover App

1️⃣ Click the Chat icon in the lower right hand corner on any page in the Dover App

2️⃣ Click Send us a message to connect with our Support Team or Search for help to browse Dover's Help Center articles.

3️⃣ Type a message click the Send icon

4️⃣ You can continue to talk to our Support team, and even send us attachments to help Support help you!

🗨️ Slack

ℹ️ The Dover Support Team is in all of your shared Slack job channels.

ℹ️ If you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager or Customer Experience Partner, you can reach them in your Slack admin channel.

Some tips for using Slack with Dover:

Do comment in the job slack channel if you want help from Customer Support. Support is available from 6am PST - 5pm PST and will respond within 10 mins during regular business hours.

Do @here or @channel for any urgent issues.

Do leave feedback on specific candidates in the candidate thread. Our system ingests this feedback.

Don't leave comments in the admin channel with action items for Dover team members without @mentioning a Dover team member. We won't get notified and might miss it.

Don't send direct messages to Dover team members or to DoverSupportTeam. We want the whole team to have visibility so that we can triage your requests appropriately and DoverSupportTeam does not respond to slack DMs.

✉️ Email

You can email [email protected] at any time. Additionally, you can contact the Dover executive team directly:

Have a question about an invoice or billing? Shoot a note to [email protected] and our finance team will be in touch to assist with any questions you may have.

Dover Help Center

Visit Dover's Help Center at See something missing or want to request a help article? Contact us in a job channel via Slack (@DoverSupportTeam) or at [email protected].

❓ How can I give product feedback?

Please reach out to Dover's Support Team in Slack, in the Dover App, or via email ([email protected]) with any feedback to improve our Products & Services! We are available 6am PST - 5pm PT. Our team does its best to ensure that we respond to all of your questions and messages in under 10 mins.

We are always happy to hear any feedback you may have on our Products and Services at Dover. The best way to move forward is to hear directly from our customers — that’s you!


❓ What is an ATS

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a tool used by companies to

  • Centralize their hiring processes

  • Post open jobs to their careers page and external job boards (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.)

  • Plan their interview process and record interview notes

  • Simplify candidate scheduling and internal coordination

❓ If Dover's ATS is free, how does Dover make money?

Dover’s ATS is 100% free. No strings attached, no hidden costs, and no compromises on data privacy.

Since 2019, Dover has been building software and services to help every company in the world build an amazing team. We learned that most ATSs leave you to navigate a ton of configuration and complexity, without guiding you toward best practices. We built our free ATS because we want every company to have an easy-to-use system that helps them get their recruiting foundation right.

When companies scale hiring or need more support, they can easily start using our Sourcing Autopilot or Embedded Recruiter solutions to level up. Hundreds of companies use and pay for these products.

❓ How can I change from a different ATS to Dover's ATS?

Dover makes it easy to migrate information from your current ATS to Dover. Reach out to our Support team ([email protected]) to learn more. In order to migrate to Dover's ATS, you will want to export as much candidate information as possible in a CSV including:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Linkedin url

  • Job title

  • Current Interview stage

🌐 Careers Page

❓ How can I post the Careers page on my website?

Great question! Dover will provide you with a url that you can copy and paste and link on your website.

💼 Job Posting

❓ I don't see a specific job board. Can Dover help me post on that job board?

Dover currently integrates with over 60 job boards. If you would like to post on a job board that Dover does not currently support, please reach out to Dover's Support team to request that Dover integrate with your job board.

❓ Can I send an email letting an applicant know that we've received their application?

Yes! When applicants apply through Dover's Careers Page, you can send them an email. You can do so in the Job Posting tab, select Automation and check Send confirmation email to all applicants. You can customize the confirmation email.

👥 Candidates & Applicants

❓ How can I read the email communications with candidates?

You can always see the email exchanges with candidates in the Dover App. To access email correspondence with a candidate:

  1. In the Dover App, click 🔍 and search for a candidate

  2. On the candidate card, you can click on the Emails tab to view all emails between the candidate, Dover, and your team.

  3. You can click on an individual email to view the entire message.

❓ How do I snooze a candidate?

  1. Go to the Candidates page and select a candidate

  2. Select Snoozed from the dropdown under the candidate tracker.

    ℹ️ Dover has tested snoozing candidates and found that candidates become unresponsive or uninterested after time has passed and often, the customer has made a hire and the job is no longer active. When you snooze a candidate, we recommend the following actions:

    1. Ask the candidate to reach back out: Let Dover Customer Support know that you would like to snooze a candidate and we'll send a note on your behalf inviting the candidate to reach back out when they are ready to start the interview process. If the role is still hiring, Dover will reach out to you via slack to confirm if you are still interested and move the candidate through the respective interview process.

    2. Remind Dover to reach back out: After the respective period of time, let Dover Customer Support know you are particularly interested in circling back with a candidate, send us their name, and we will reach out on your behalf.

    3. Reach out outside of Dover: Let Dover Customer Support know you would like to take the lead on a “snoozed” candidate, and we will forward you the email thread so you can keep track and respond directly.

📆 Scheduling

❓ How does Dover email applicants whose job boards are set up in Dover?

Great question! Applicants who apply via a job board linked in Dover and whom users Schedule can use authorize their email through Dover to send scheduling emails. These emails are queued to go out 3 hours the same day they’re approved in Slack or in the Dover App.

🔍 Sourcing Autopilot FAQs

👥 Candidates

❓ Where does Dover find candidate contact information?

Dover uses a few different industry-standard third-party tools for fetching and mapping related social profiles and contact information for every candidate.

Tools similar to ContactOut, Hunter, People Data Labs, Rocket Reach, and a few others are commonly used across recruiting teams and Dover alike.

❓ What happens if a candidate asks how we found their contact information?

Most candidates understand that companies use external tools to help with recruitment so it’s relatively rare for folks to call this out, but when this happens we do share additional context with them through email.

Hi {{FirstName}},

Great to hear from you! We found your profile on Linkedin and email via a third-party email finding tool (there are several out there) and were excited about your background. We would love to have a conversation if you’re interested!

❓ How does Dover know how many candidates fit my search?

When you select the type of position you’re hiring for, Dover identifies the total number of people with recent experience in that position. Once you have calibrated Dover with your search criteria, Dover defines your candidate pool as the number of people that meet the criteria for your specific search.

❓ Why can't Dover source all matching candidates?

  • Dover will exclude candidates you’ve recently contacted so they don’t get contacted multiple times.

  • Dover utilizes various tools to locate contact information in order to send emails to candidates. Sometimes Dover is unable to find email addresses to contact certain candidates.

❓ How does Dover determine how many candidates to contact each week?

  • Dover determines a weekly amount of candidates to contact based on the target number of new candidates and candidate interest rates. This ensures you have a consistent flow of new candidates to feed into your funnel.

  • You can adjust your outreach volume on the job Overview page. Under Sourcing Autopilot, you can edit the Email volume.

❓ How does the size of my candidate pool impact the time to hire?

  • Your time to hire is the amount of time expected between the first candidate being contacted and a candidate signing an offer letter to join.

  • Small candidate pool size and low conversion rate increase your expected time to hire.

❓ How many people contacted by Dover will become candidates for my search?

  • The number of candidates that enter your interview funnel is determined by the size of your candidate pool and your conversion rate.

  • Conversion rate is the percentage of candidates contacted who respond as interested to outreach.

❓ How can I prevent Dover from sending outreach to friends or people in my network?

Great question! You can add exclusions to Dover to ensure that your contacts do not receive outreach. You and your team can upload contacts in the Dover App, and Dover will exclude those contacts from receiving outreach.

Communicating with Candidates

❓ How do I communicate with candidates who receive Dover outreach?

Dover offers flexibility in how you can communicate with candidates depending on which features you have enabled.

  • If you are using Embedded Recruiter, outreach and communications will be handled through a Dover-managed email by default unless you click I'll handle from here.

  • If you are not using Embedded Recruiter, outreach and communications will be sent through your work email which must be authorized in Dover.

❓ What if a candidate responds to the Dover-managed (custom domain) email account? How will I know?

No worries! Any time a candidate follows up, Dover will surface that followup with you in Slack and you can either respond directly through Dover or request that Dover forward you the email thread and your team can take over communications and scheduling.

  • You can reply directly to the email in the Dover App or start a new thread with the candidate using your own email address or a Dover-managed email address.

  • If we forward you an email, you can simply reply directly to the candidate via the thread we forwarded over. Candidates are unlikely to notice that the email account is slightly different.

❓ Do I need to respond to candidates myself?

  • If you're using Embedded Recruiter, Dover responds to candidates on your behalf, unless otherwise indicated. If the candidate asks a question that Dover cannot answer, we will surface it to you and you can respond using Dover.

  • If you're not using Embedded Recruiter, you can respond to candidates through Dover once you've authorized your work email address in Dover.

❓ What if I want to customize my response to a candidate?

  • If you're using Embedded Recruiter, please ping them in slack or tag them in a note on the candidate's page to send custom messaging to a specific candidate.

  • If you're not using Embedded Recruiter, you will be able to customize your email message when you Approve or Reject a candidate in Slack or in the Dover App.

❓ What if I want to ask the candidate a question?

It is best practice to avoid asking candidates too many questions in advance of offering them a chance to speak with you or your team. Dover has found that often candidates will become unresponsive in these cases.

  • If you use Embedded Recruiter, tag them in Slack or in the candidate Notes and leave instructions and your candidate question. Please indicate if you are interested in scheduling the candidate for an interview.

  • If you do not use Embedded Recruiter and you're interested in learning more about a candidate, we recommend clicking Schedule them and then customizing your email message. If you'd like to reply to a candidate without scheduling them, you can still do so in Dover by clicking Reply on the candidate thread.

❓ How do I explain the Dover-managed (custom domain) email address to a candidate?

If you contact a candidate using your real email when you have been using a Dover-managed email address, it is standard recruiting practice for hiring managers to operate multiple recruiting and 'non' recruiting email accounts. In most cases, candidates aren't likely to recognize there has been a switch because we use an email similar to your real one!

🧠 Criteria

What is Criteria?

Criteria is how Dover represents your requirements and preferences around people who are a fit for your job.

  • Requirements — What are must-have qualities for a candidate to be considered? (e.g. Located on the East Coast)

  • Preferences — What are some nice-to-have qualities? (e.g. What companies they worked for...)

Dover uses this set of criteria to identify which people are the best fit for your job across the different channels you have enabled (outbound, inbound, referrals).

When setting up a job on Dover, the calibration form serves as the basis for the initial criteria. This search criteria evolves over the lifetime of the job, adjusting based on your direct feedback and reactions to candidates surfaced.

The Criteria you see in the Dover App are not exhaustive. Dover uses a combination of rules, heuristics and machine learning to determine someone's suitability for a role.

❓ When do changes to my criteria take effect?

For Sourcing Autopilot, it typically takes a few business days to see changes take effect. Dover identifies and emails candidates for your job every day. Candidates may take several days to respond. Candidates who matched an earlier set of search criteria can still be surfaced in Slack. The Slack message will indicate if they are not a match for your current criteria.

❓ What are “automatic adjustments”?

Automatic adjustments are intelligent changes Dover makes to your search criteria to better adapt to your preferences and to ensure optimal candidate flow.

Dover intelligently adjusts your search criteria when Dover needs to find more candidates to target for Sourcing Autopilot

If you would like to opt out of these automatic adjustments, feel free to toggle this off and no adjustments will be made to the search automatically. Please note this will impact Dover’s ability to deliver consistent candidate flow.

❓ What if I want Dover to make search adjustments for me?

If you're on a premium plan, please reach out to your Embedded Recruiter to make changes for you.

❓ What if I can’t find the criteria I want in the Dover App?

Please read this article in our help center with a comprehensive list of Filters that you can adjust yourself in the Dover App. Please reach out to Support if you need help.

❓ What is a candidate pool?

A candidate pool is the number of candidates with experience in a given position that meet the criteria for your search.

❓ How does my criteria impact the size of my candidate pool?

  • As you set the criteria for your search, the narrower your search parameters are, the fewer matching candidates you will have.

  • The criteria that typically increase or decrease candidate pool size most significantly are location and years of experience — flexibility here can help increase the number of matching candidates.

  • The more must-have requirements in your criteria, the fewer matching candidates there will be. Focus on distinguishing your must-haves vs. your nice-to-haves.

❓ How can I see how my criteria impacts the size of my candidate pool?

You can see the approximate number of candidates left to source by clicking Sourcing Autopilot and looking at the remaining candidates in your Active Searches.

🟢 If the candidate pool is large enough to source the target number of weekly candidates, you will see the of remaining candidates in green

🔴 If your remaining candidate pool is small, the search criteria is very restrictive. The number of weekly candidates sourced will be very limited. Click on the search to adjust your criteria and expand your candidate pool or toggle on Auto Adjustments and Dover will expand the search when it runs out of candidates.

❓ Why is the size of the candidate pool in Dover different than LinkedIn?

  • Dover identifies candidates across publicly available sources (LinkedIn, personal websites, etc.) and applies sophisticated search techniques to determine which candidates match the search criteria for your job.

  • Similar tools like LinkedIn provide more general capabilities that yield a different number of matching candidates. The search parameters are less precise, so the count tends to be higher.

  • Some candidates have little to no specific information listed, so Dover may filter these candidates out depending on how precise your search criteria are.

  • Dover also applies intelligence in prioritizing candidates who have a higher probability of interest in the role.

✉️ Email Outreach

How it Works

❓ How many outreach emails can Dover send per week?

For most Dover jobs, you should expect to see 20-30 queued for your role candidates every day.* For customers on premium plans, Dover lets you customize the target number of candidates to contact per week, which will impact the number of interested candidates you can review for each role.

To update your outreach volume:

  1. Go to your job

  2. Under Sourcing Autopilot, click Configure and click Settings

  3. Select how many interested candidates you would like to receive per week from the dropdown and click Submit

❗ *Dover does not guarantee contacting the exact number of people we mention in the configurations. However, we hit that number a vast majority of the time and are continuing to decrease the number of cases where we do not hit this number.

❓ How does Dover send email outreach to candidates?

Dover sends outreach and scheduling emails to candidates on your team's behalf. We do this by creating a custom domain for your company. Dover emails will be sent from a custom domain that is similar to your email address (eg. [email protected] ➡️ [email protected]).

❓ When does Dover send outreach and followup emails?

Dover send emails between 8am - 8pm PT on Monday - Friday and 12 pm - 8 pm PT on Saturday and Sunday. We do not send outreach on most Federal Holidays as response rates tend to suffer.

When a candidate is approved for scheduling we send them a note 1 hour after approval. When a candidate is rejected, we wait at least 24 hours to send them a note in case you decide to change your mind.

❓ Can I modify the time of day that outreach emails are queued?

Yes! When you customize outreach to individual leads in the Candidates view, click on the candidate and select your preferred Send time from the dropdown options, and click Save to queue your message to be sent at that time.

❓ How does Dover categorize email responses?

Dover will send outreach and followup emails* to garner candidate interest. All candidate responses are collected and filtered through a mixture of automation and manual sorting by our recruiting coordinator team.

Dover filters emails into the following larger categories:

1️⃣ Interested

2️⃣ Not Interested

3️⃣ Referrals

4️⃣ Bad Email (This tag is used for emails that are unsuccessful - which is normal! This may include bounced emails, or a candidate’s work email)

5️⃣ Not Eligible (This tag is used for candidates who respond to our outreach with qualifications that aren’t supported in your job search such as a visa requirement, high compensation expectations, or location requirement)

Interested candidates are then sent to Slack and the Dover App for your Hiring Manager and/or Recruiter to review.

*You can opt to turn off followups or customize the number of followups and their content.

❓ What if the candidate is not interested in connecting right now?

Thanks ok! Dover always encourages folks to keep in touch and reach out when the timing is better for them. If someone returns as interested after previously not being interested, they will be surfaced in Slack like all other candidates.

❓ Why was this candidate surfaced to me when they are not interested?

If the candidate responds saying that they are interested in a different job (whether or not you are actively hiring for that job), we will still surface their response in Slack. If they are interested in another job in Dover, we will give you the option to move them to that job. You can also approve them for the original job they were sourced for.

If the candidate indicates they are too senior or junior for the role you’re considering them for, we will still surface them to you so that you can respond to them. You can indicate that you are not interested in "passive candidates" by toggling Passive Candidate off.

❓ Can I change my decision about a candidate?

Once you approve or reject a candidate in Slack or the Dover App, a confirmation of this will appear in that candidate’s Slack thread. If you accidentally choose the wrong option or just change your mind - no worries! The Dover Support Team can revert these decisions on your behalf. Let Support know in the candidate’s thread immediately and we will be glad to assist.

💡 Note: We send candidates scheduling emails ~1 hour after approval. Candidates are sent rejections 24 hours after rejection, so please let us know

immediately and during Support hours (6am-5pm PT).

Deliverability and Spam

❓ What is email deliverability?

Email Deliverability is defined as an email landing in a recipient's main inbox and not in the spam folder. Deliverability is the measure of individual's and application's ability to gauge the likelihood of their email sequences reaching their recipient's inboxes related to actual delivery–like ISPs, throttling, bounce rate, spam issues, and bulking.

❓ How does Dover ensure optimal deliverability?

Dover uses the Gmail and Outlook APIs. This is the single biggest lever to improve deliverability. Unlike tools like SendGrid, Mailchimp, etc which use SMTP to directly send emails, Dover's emails go through Gmail and Outlook servers — just as if you were using any email client.

  1. We aggressively rate-limit emails — while Gmail recommends mere seconds between emails, Dover actually spaces out emails by at least 2 minutes and does not send more than 20 emails per hour. Moreover, we have daily and weekly limits.

    💡 If you have multiple jobs running, we will work with you to load-balance your email outreach across different base accounts.

  2. We personalize outreach and work with you to implement best practices — Dover's outreach personalization helps to make emails seem real and authentic.

  3. Dover closely monitors bounce rate — We ensure that we always have up-to-date email data. We use best-in-class third-party services to get and validate emails and closely track any bounces, so you can rely on the data we've built across 100+ customers to get the best bounce rate data.

❓ How does Dover track email deliverability?

Email Deliverability is defined as an email landing in a recipient's main inbox and not in the spam folder.

Dover primarily tracks deliverability using your email outreach Open rate. If the open rate is low, we will work with you to come up with a solution that we think will increase deliverability.

Since we manage responses for you, we keep track of candidates mentioning that the email went to their spam folder. When this occurs, we might ask the candidate to mark the email as "Not Spam".

To check your response rate, head to

❓How does Dover improve deliverability?

In the event Dover detects that deliverability is low, we work with you to improve it in the following ways:

  1. Set up additional email accounts to load-balance outreach and decrease per-account email sending limits.

  2. Tweak the email copy and subject line

  3. Work with you to identify if your organization as a whole is using sales or marketing outreach tools for mass outreach, because that would affect your domain reputation. Dover uses the Gmail and Outlook API to send emails, unlike SMTP-based tools that are using your domain and can affect your domain reputation.

❓ How can I improve deliverability?

One way to improve deliverability is to create an outreach campaign that does not get flagged as spam. Read this article from our Help Center for some tips on how to optimize your outreach!

❓ Are my emails going to spam?

Individual recipients' spam filters are a unique algorithm based on a variety of factors, including the recipient's personal email activity history. Despite employing best practices, a percentage of all outreach will end up in some recipients' spam folders.

Industry-standard open rates for recruiting email outreach is typically 20-30%. Dover consistently sees 2-3x this range and closely monitors all email accounts to ensure that there are no widespread deliverability issues.

If an issue is detected, Dover will reach out directly to discuss potential solutions.

📊 Reports FAQs

❓Where can I access our interest rates and other metrics for our job?

You can access your reporting tab for each job at any time by visiting You will see interest rates from outreach and other basic metrics for your job

Dover's Recruiting Analystics (Beta) has more comprehensive reporting and you can even build your own dashboards to track the metrics that you care about most.

❓ How does dover track email deliverability?

Email deliverability is defined as an email landing in a recipient's main inbox and not in the spam folder.

Dover primarily tracks deliverability using your email outreach Open rate. If the open rate is low, we will work with you to come up with a solution that we think will increase deliverability.

Since we manage responses for you, we keep track of candidates mentioning that the email went to their spam folder. When this occurs, we might ask the candidate to mark the email as "Not Spam".

To check your response rate, head to

❓ How can I see benchmark performance for a job?

Once your job is kicked off and you have 10+ candidates in Slack, you’ll be able to see how the job is doing compared to benchmarks Dover has created using aggregate data from similar job searches. To access benchmark data:

  1. Go to the Reporting tab for a job

  2. You will see benchmark data for all 3 channels: Inbound, Outbound, and Referrals and will be able to compare your actual data with benchmarks for similar roles.

  3. You will also be able to compare your Interview Funnel with benchmarks for similar roles.

🔔 Dover Interviewer FAQs

❓Can Dover interview candidates for our other (non-Dover) jobs?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to interview candidates for non-Dover jobs.

If you would like to consider a candidate for a role, it is best for you to select yourself as the interviewer so you can share more about a different opportunity. If you can share the job description or any information about the other job, Dover can include this in the scheduling email.

🔔 Embedded Recruiter FAQs

❓ How do I set up my Interview Plan once Embedded Recruiter is turned on?

You can access your interview plan in your ⚙️Overview under the Interview Plan tab. Click here for a detailed guide to setting up your interview plan!

Can Dover support more than 5 interview stages?

Currently, Dover can only support 5 interview stages for any role. The order and structure of these stages are customizable, but the most common interview stages are as follows:

  1. Initial Call

  2. Second Interview

  3. Take-home/Third Interview

  4. Onsite (can be scheduled over multiple days)

  5. Final Interview

If you have special requests or use a flow that doesn’t match what you see above, please reach out to your Embedded Recruiter.

Dover will soon be offering more flexibility with the number of stages in the interview plan.

Our onsite is complicated. How does Dover handle these?

Dover has experience successfully administering and scheduling thousands of onsite interviews with various formats for our customers. If you think your onsite stage is too complicated, chances are we’ve seen it before!

Dover will inform candidates about the structure and format of the onsite interview while asking candidates for times that they are available. We will then check the availability of the interviewers who need to be included and schedule the onsite accordingly. If needed, Dover can schedule onsites over multiple days and make modifications to your onsite on a candidate-by-candidate basis.

Can Dover support scheduling debriefs once an Onsite interview is completed?

Yes! You will see the option to schedule a debrief for the duration of your choosing when setting up your onsite in the interview plan. Debriefs will be scheduled at the earliest calendar availability for all members of the onsite.

Can Dover support reference checks?

Dover cannot conduct reference checks for you at this time. If you’d like to request reference information from the candidate, please let your Embedded Recruiter know and they may be able to help you with this part of the process.

❓What happens when I schedule a candidate?

Once you approved a candidate, your Embedded Recruiter will send the candidate an email using the scheduling templates you have created in your Interview Plan as a template. If you'd like to customize your messaging to an individual candidate, please let your Embedded Recruiter know by pinging them in Slack or tagging them in a Note in the Dover App.

❓What happens when I reject a candidate?

  • If the candidate was sourced using Sourcing Autopilot or was sent Dover outreach, Dover will send one of our standard rejection notes to close the loop taking into account the communications with the candidate. We always leave the door open for the future and encourage candidates to keep in touch. Once the candidate has completed an interview with Dover, candidates will receive a automated rejection note that you can customize in the Interview Plan.

  • If the candidate applied to your role, Dover will not send a rejection note by default, however, you can opt to send all rejected applicants a rejection note.

❓What if I don't want to reject candidates who respond as interested to outreach?

Hundreds of companies use Dover's standard workflows without an impact to candidate experience or employer brand. If you're worried about rejecting interested candidates there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Work with your Dover Team to make sure your search is well-calibrated and minimizes rejections.

  2. Approve all candidates in Slack and route the candidates you're not sure about to the Dover Interviewer for a first-round screen. After that call, you can reject the candidates if they're still not a fit for the position.

  3. Set up a virtual recruiter to handle outreach rather than reaching out as the hiring manager.

❓ How can I read the email communications with candidates?

You can always see the email exchanges with candidates in the Dover App. To access email correspondence with a candidate:

  1. In the Dover App, click 🔍 and search for a candidate

  2. On the candidate card, you can click on the Emails tab to view all emails between the candidate, Dover, and your team.

  3. You can click on an individual email to view the entire message. Our onsite is complicated. How does Dover handle these?

⚙️ Settings & Integrations FAQs

💻 Dover Settings

❓ How do I log into Dover?

  1. Log in to Dover by navigating to in a Google Chrome window.

  2. Make sure to use your company domain email address (eg. [email protected]). If you have multiple emails, please use the email provided to Dover during the sales process.

❓ What can I do when it says I'm "not authorized to view" the Dover App?

If you are shown an "unauthorized" page in Dover, please try the following:

  1. Are you logging in with the correct email? Please make sure to use your company email. If you have multiple emails or aliases, use the email provided to Dover during the sales process.

  2. Clear cookies and try again

    1. On your computer, open Chrome.

    2. At the top right, click Settings.

    3. Under 'Privacy and security', click Cookies and other site data.

    4. Click See all cookies and site data.

    5. At the top right, search for

    6. To the right of the site, click Remove.

  3. Try logging in Incognito—does it work?

    1. If it works, that means that you likely have an adblocker or extension active. You will need to disable this to use Dover.

❓ Where can I change my company settings?

You can access your company settings from the left sidenav menu.

❓ Where can I change my job settings?

On the home page, you can access all of your jobs. Click on a job and you can see all your settings for the job including with products and features are enabled.

🗨️ Slack Integration

❓ Am I required to use Slack

While utilizing our Slack integration is not required, it's strongly recommended! Candidates will surface in Slack, and if you're using Dover for scheduling, Dover Bot will ping you in Slack with reminders and important candidate messages. If you're on a contract with Dover, Dover's Support Team is embedded in Slack as well.

❓ What's the difference between an "admin channel" and a "job channel?"

Candidates for a given job will surface in the job channel - this channel will have a name such as yourcompany-dover-senior-software-engineer. Dover Bot is integrated in this channel, and if you're on a contract with Dover, your Dover Team will be present in this channel as well so you can ask us questions about candidates and your job's settings!

The admin channel (yourcompany-dover-admin) is just for you and your Dover Team - this is a space for you to discuss account-level topics, develop your hiring plan, or whatever else you'd like to use it for!

❓ I'm having trouble joining the Slack channel - can you help?

No worries! Depending on the security settings of your company's Slack account, your IT admin (or Slack workspace Admin) may need to grant you permission to join a Slack channel. If you’d like Dover to resend the invitation, just reach out through email and we are happy to redirect it to you and anyone else on your team you’d like to invite.

If you share the invite link with your IT admin they should be able to grant you the permissions you need to join the shared channel(s).

If your company doesn’t already have an active Slack workspace, please reach out to Support. We are happy to invite you as a guest to the Dover workspace so you can access the needed information and Dover <> Slack integration flow.

❓ Can I turn off pings from Dover Bot in Slack?

Dover Bot will ping you about candidate communications as well as occasional reminders to take action on candidates who are awaiting a response from you. These cannot be turned off in the app.

If you'd like another member of your team to receive these pings, they will need to be listed as the hiring manager or recruiter for the role in question - you can update this in Job Basics, though do note that this will not automatically update your outreach or your interview plan!

❓ Why is Dover surfacing candidate questions in Slack?

When a candidate has questions that Dover does not know the answers to, a message will pop up in Slack with the button Respond & Advance.

Clicking Respond & Advance will pop up a modal asking you to provide answers to the candidate's questions.

The more detailed you are, the easier it is for our team to respond to the candidate — but you can feel free to respond with a few words as well. We will reach out in Slack itself if we need further clarification.

ATS Integrations

❓ Does Dover integrate with Gem?

Dover does not have a Gem integration, but we can still exclude candidates you’ve reached out to via Gem’s platform!

  1. Export contacts from Gem

    1. If you want us to exclude Gem contacts from a campaign, go into a sequence and in the top right corner, click Download report

  2. Exclude candidates in Gem from Dover outreach here

    1. Add the CSV under Other Exclusions and click Upload

💰 Billing FAQs

❓ How do I see my current contract?

To see your current contract, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager through your Slack admin channel or via email, and they will be able to help you. If you do not have a dedicated Customer Success Manager, please reach out to the Dover Support Team in the chat and they will be able to help.

❓ How do I change my current contract?

To make any changes to your current contract, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager through Slack or email. They will loop in the appropriate person at Dover to discuss making changes to your Dover contract.

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