Welcome to our Referrals Product! Dover surfaces the connections in your company's network who Dover's algorithm believes are a fit based on the criteria established for the active jobs that Dover is working on across your company.

To set up referrals (this will take ~5 min to complete):

  • Please upload your LinkedIn connections here (instructions on the page). Once this is ready you can check back in several hours to see a list of your own connections that Dover's surfaced for the active jobs that Dover is working on cross your company.

What to do with the list of connections:

  • You can filter for any job that Dover supports

  • You have 3 options to select who reaches out for each of your connections:

    • Hiring Manager

      • This allows the hiring manager to reach out & include your name in the outreach message: I saw you were connected to {employee_name}, so I wanted to reach out.

    • Me

      • This means that you will reach out to the candidate yourself & mark the candidate as "Contacted" once you have.

    • Don't reach out

      • This will mark the candidate as "Don't reach out" & will prompt you to select the reason for marking the referral as such.

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