Welcome to our Referrals product! Dover surfaces the connections in your company's network that Dover's algorithm believes are a fit based on the criteria established for the active jobs that Dover is working on for company. ~28% of hires come from referrals, so this is a great source to use that will help expedite your time to hire. Encourage your colleagues to upload their connections – the more connections uploaded, the more candidates you get!

To set up referrals:

  • Please upload your Linkedin connections here (instructions on the page). Once this is ready, you will see a list of your own & your colleagues' connections that Dover's surfaced for the active jobs that Dover is working on for your company.

  • Each member of your team whose referrals you’d like to review must upload their own connections. You can invite them to do so using the instructions here.

What to do with the list of connections:

  • You can filter for any job that Dover supports

  • You can filter for any specific employee to view their connections

  • You have 3 options to select who reaches out for each connection:

    • Dover outreach

      • This sends the Dover outbound outreach message & includes the name of the person the candidate is connected to: I saw you were connected to {employee_name}, so I wanted to reach out.

    • Connected person

      • This categorizes the referral as "Needs Manual Outreach." The connected person will need to manually reach out to this person & mark this person as "Contacted" after. We will supply them with example template messaging so it's quick & easy for them to shoot over a message.

    • Don't reach out

      • This will mark the candidate as "Don't reach out" & will prompt you to select the reason for marking the referral as such.

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