Dover Referrals surfaces candidates in your company's network who are a strong fit for your open roles. ~28% of hires come from referrals. There are several benefits to implementing a referrals program as part of your hiring strategy, including:

De-risking the hiring process

A referral carries a ton of strength β€” on both sides of the equation. For a candidate, knowing that a current employee can speak to their positive experience at a company piques interest and provides an avenue to explore the company in finer detail. And, conversely, your teammates likely have strong conviction in a person's strength of expertise and skillset if they are willing to vouch for them, so hiring managers can be assured to some degree of the strength of a candidate whom they're engaging with if they came in through a referral.

Lowering the cost of reaching out to talent

While posting on job boards, leveraging agencies, and building out an employer brand strategy require varying levels of time, effort, and capital, a referral program requires less on all fronts: you and your team simply upload your connections, review your matches, and add only those candidates who are a good fit into your pipelines. Referrals reduce your time to hire and are a low-spend or free candidate source.

Leveraging soft connections effectively

Leveraging a team's extended network comes more naturally and easily when the company is in its earlier stages β€” you likely recruit from your team's network informally and in an ad hoc fashion. This gets harder as your company starts to grow and you need to keep track of whom you've contacted β€” a referrals program should make it easy to generate potential fits for a given role, keep track of where candidates are in the process, and give your team the ability to control who gets contacted and how (through automated outreach or through a manual note from the referring employee).

Increasing employee engagement and retention

Referred hires are more likely to join and stay at your company for the long term. Given their network, they likely have an understanding of what the culture and goals of your company are more deeply and can ramp up in an environment where they feel supported.

The value of your current team has the potential to compound, and a referrals program helps you achieve that. For more information or to get started, check out:

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