✨ Dover supports feedback forms for each stage and substage of your interview plan! This article explains how to set those up and how to submit feedback for a candidate after their interview.

📝 Create a feedback form

1️⃣ Go to your Interview Plan in Dover in your job's ⚙️ Settings.

2️⃣ Click the ✏️ next to the stage for which you want to set up the form.

If the stage you've selected contains substages, you can select the substage in this menu.

3️⃣ Note that there are two prepopulated questions in the form - a section for notes and an opportunity to rate the candidate on a 1-4 scale.

4️⃣ Click ➕ Add Question to add custom questions

5️⃣ Type in your question in the text box. You can also include a description for added context. To confirm, click Add Question.

ℹ️ You can add as many questions as you like and reorder them using the arrows on the left.

6️⃣ When you're finished, click Save.

💡 To ✏️ edit or 🗑️ delete your questions, use the options on the right.

💯 Providing interview feedback

💡 Heads up - please make sure that only one member of your team is editing the form at a time. This ensures that any information entered into the form isn't overridden.

1️⃣ To give candidate feedback, visit the candidate's page in the Candidates View, then select Interview Feedback from the tabs.

2️⃣ Click Add Feedback. This will open a new tab where you can provide feedback for the candidate.

💡 You'll also find a link to the form in the Google Calendar invite!

3️⃣ You can come back to this form at any time to update your feedback by clicking on the interview notes in the Interview Feedback tab. Click the Update responses button in the top right to submit your feedback or save your changes.

❓Frequently asked questions

For panel interviews, does each interviewer get their own feedback form?

Not at this time - each interview stage for the candidate has a single feedback form.

I just updated my questions - do these apply to candidates who've already completed the interview?

Please keep in mind that questions will only update for candidates who have not yet entered that interview stage!

I use Lever/Greenhouse. Do these questions sync with my ATS?

Dover feedback forms are distinct from feedback forms in Lever and Greenhouse, and at this time these forms will not sync to your ATS.

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