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Dover has an integration with Ashby that allows candidates sourced through Dover to appear in Ashby.

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🤓 FAQs

⚙️ Functionality

We integrate with Ashby via their API to automatically add Dover candidates and prevent duplicate outreach.

The integration has the following functionality:

1️⃣ Candidate Exclusion: Our Ashby integration helps ensure we do not reach out to candidates currently in your ATS whom you may already be speaking with.

2️⃣ Candidate Management: We can add candidates and various details to their profiles within your ATS. Dover moves candidates through various stages of the interview plan and syncs any changes made in Ashby back to the Dover candidate pipeline.

❓ When do candidates get added?

Dover will add candidates when they are approved for an initial call. It may take up to 5 minutes for a candidate to be added to Ashby. You can view your Ashby settings in your Interview Plan.

❓ What information is added to Ashby?

Through our automated integration, we are able to create profiles for all Dover candidates. Profiles include the following information:

  • Candidate Name

  • Candidate Email

  • Candidate current title (where applicable)

  • Candidate LinkedIn profile

  • Dover Source

  • Email Correspondence

  • Scheduled Interview details for any calls scheduled via Dover scheduling

❓ What does Dover track from Ashby?

We will track candidates' interview progress from Ashby back into Dover so we can provide you with metrics on how we are doing (

  • Candidates’ state: hired, rejected, withdrew, etc.

    • Please note that if you archive a candidate in Ashby, they will be marked as rejected or withdrawn in Dover, but this will not trigger Dover to take any action or communicate with the candidate.

  • Candidates’ stage in the Interview Process

    • Recruiter Screen/Initial Call, Hiring manager screen/Technical Phone Screen/Take home, Onsite, Offer, etc.

Please reach out to Dover Support (or email [email protected]) if you have questions about Dover <> Ashby stage mapping or need assistance with candidates' sync issues.

🤝 Interview Stages

Dover maps its interview plan stages to your ATS stages. When candidates move through Dover stages, we will sync this information back to your ATS. You need to map your ATS stages to the corresponding stages in your Interview Plan in Dover. In Dover, go to your job ⚙️ Settings and click on your Interview Plan. For each round, select the ✏️ icon and select Edit details from the dropdown.

Select the corresponding stage in your ATS from the ATS stage mapping dropdown and click Save.

If you update the stage or status in the Dover app, we will sync those changes back to Ashby. In the example above, when a candidate is advanced to the Initial call in Dover, they will be moved to the Recruiter Screen in your Ashby.

✨ We recommend mapping your entire interview plan in Dover so that you can track candidates in your ATS and Dover, even if you're not using Dover for scheduling. If you are using Dover Interviewers, we recommend mapping the Second Interview stage.

💡 All Ashby instances come with "We rejected them" and "They rejected us" as default rejection reasons. At this time, Dover is not able to support custom rejection reasons. Our integration will pick the closest similar reason.

❓ What happens when you a a candidate in Dover?

👎 If you reject a candidate, they will be ARCHIVED in Ashby (with the rejection reason We rejected them).

👍 If you approve them in Slack or in Dover they will be advanced to the first stage of your interview plan.

👷 First time integration set up

In order to set up your Ashby integration, you will need to add your Ashby API key in Dover.

🚨 You must have admin access to Ashby in order to complete the following steps in Ashby. If you have questions about who has admin access to your Ashby, please contact Ashby customer support at [email protected].

How to add your Ashby API key in Dover:

1️⃣ In Ashby, navigate to this page.

2️⃣ Click +Create API Key for Dover

3️⃣ Select Copy to clipboard.

4️⃣ In the Dover App, go to your ATS Settings. Paste your API key where indicated and click Save and Validate.

🔗 Connecting a job to Ashby

1️⃣ In the Dover App, click ⚙️ Settings next to your job

2️⃣ In your Interview Plan, select your Ashby job

3️⃣ Select whom Dover should post on behalf of (we recommend selecting the hiring manager for the Ashby job). Dover will add candidates and post all relevant information on behalf of the user selected here.

4️⃣ Select the stages in your Ashby interview plan that correspond to the stages in Dover by following the instructions here.

💡 Each active Dover stage needs to be mapped to a unique stage in your Ashby. Do not map an multiple interviews to the same Ashby stage. Please reach out to Dover Support for help completing this step.

5️⃣ Click Submit at the bottom of the page to continue with the remainder of job setup.

🤓 FAQs

In Ashby, candidates I've approved look like they were approved by someone else - why is this?

All actions taken on the job in Ashby will be attributed to the team member who's assigned to the job in your Ashby settings - in most cases, this is the Hiring Manager. You can update the Post on behalf of in your Interview Plan for the role as outlined above (see step 3).

❓ Does Dover support Ashby Direct Booking Links?

Unfortunately, Dover does not support Ashby Direct Booking links. However, many Dover customers who use Ashby find our integration works well.

  • Dover's Ashby integration automatically adds candidates and keeps their state up-to-date.

  • We'll use our FindaTime scheduling link to schedule with the candidate

  • Dover creates the interview in Ashby when a call is booked

❓ Why can’t I just give Dover agency access?

The agency portal is for agencies who are submitting candidates by hand. Dover is automatically reaching out to hundreds of candidates per week, and our product is a software product that programmatically adds candidates into the ATS by talking to Ashby’s Developer API.

We also use Ashby’s API to make sure we are not engaging any candidates already tracked in your Ashby.

Unfortunately, neither of these are possible with the agency portal.

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