Dover <> Ashby Integration Overview

ℹ️ Our integration with Ashby is in the very early stages, and Dover is working to expand our abilities soon!

Dover has a partial integration with Ashby. Dover’s integration with Ashby will sync candidates from Dover into Ashby every 15 minutes. The integration is not bidirectional at this time, meaning that Dover is not able to read changes within your Ashby.

Please work with your Customer Experience Partner to get candidate statuses updated in Dover.

How to enable Dover <> Ashby integration

During your kick off call, your Customer Experience Partner will ask you for the Job ID and exact Job Title from your Ashby jobs so we can accurately add candidates to the appropriate job. Our team will then work with Ashby to get the integration set up so there’s no further action needed from you!

How to find my Ashby Job ID

  1. Navigate to the specific job in your Ashby

  2. Pull the Job ID from the URL

Candidate Exclusions

It is important to share a list of candidates already in your Ashby to insure that Dover does not reach out to candidates who are already in the interview process or in communication with your team. During your onboarding with Dover, we will ask for a CSV of the candidates currently in Ashby. You can export that information by building a Custom List Report.


  1. Set the Subject to Candidates

  2. Add the Fields to show in the export

  3. Filter the report, if needed (for example, if you want to have separate reports for each role)

  4. Click the Export to CSV button


What information gets added to Ashby for outbound candidates?

  • Candidate's name

  • Candidate's email address

  • LinkedIn URL

  • Job title

  • Current stage

  • Status

  • Last update date

How are Dover updates mapped into Ashby?

Given the candidate’s current stage in Dover, Ashby will map the candidate into one of the following stages:

  • New Lead

  • Reached Out

  • Replied

  • First active interview stage in the Interview Plan.

💡 If Dover reports the candidate has withdrawn or been rejected, Ashby will move the candidate to Archived and apply either Withdrew in Dover or Rejected in Dover as the Archive Reason.

What happens if I update the candidate’s interview stage independent of Dover?

This integration will only update the candidate’s interview stage if:

  • the Dover update is more recent than the latest update to the candidate

  • the Dover update will move the candidate forward in the interview process

Are Dover candidates tagged as such in Ashby?

Yes, Dover candidates will have 'Dover' associated as their source in the Candidate Detail view.

Are Dover outbound reports and metrics synced to our Ashby?

At this time, we are only able to add candidates from Dover into Ashby. No further information/metrics are synced.

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