✨Take control of your Interview Plan in the Dover App by customizing it for your role. Dover can manage and schedule candidates as they move through your pipeline! ✨

πŸ“… Set Up Your Interview Plan:

1️⃣ ATS Settings


If you've integrated Dover with Lever or Greenhouse, please provide the following information:

🟧 (ATS) job - Please select the job from the dropdown as it appears in your ATS. If you don't see the correct job, please let the Dover Support Team know!

🟩 Post on behalf of: - Please make sure the correct point of contact from your team is chosen here.

πŸŸͺ Add to (ATS) when - Please select whether you want add:

  • only candidates who have responded to outreach (our recommendation to help manage candidate volume)

  • all candidates who have received outreach


Please provide the Ashby job ID and job title.

ℹ️ Read these articles to learn more about our ATS integrations:

2️⃣ Initial Call

πŸ’‘ Dover strongly recommends using Dover Interviewers for the Initial Call. Learn more about Dover Interviewers.

Please provide the following information:

πŸŸ₯ Stage name - You can customize the name of each interview stage

🟧 Duration - Please select the length of the interview

🟩 Interviewers - Please choose Dover Interviewers or team members

πŸ’‘ Please note that interviewers must sign into Dover and complete their Interview Preferences before Dover can schedule candidate interviews with them!

🟦 ATS stage mapping (Lever/Greenhouse only) - If you're using Lever or Greenhouse, please select the correct interview stage here in the same order as in your ATS. If you don't see your ATS stages here, please let the Dover Support Team know!

πŸŸͺ Feedback form (Lever/Greenhouse only) - If your ATS supports feedback forms and each stage been mapped to the job in your ATS, you can select them from the dropdown.

3️⃣ Second interview*

Please provide all the same information as in the Initial Call stage.

*If you're using a Dover Interviewer, this stage is a required part of your Interview Plan to ensure that candidates are able to connect with your team before being advanced to a take-home or onsite stage.

πŸ’‘ Would you like Dover to manage your interview stages beyond the second interview? Learn more about End to End Scheduling.

4️⃣ Third interview / Take-home

Please provide all the same information as in the Initial Call stage.

πŸŸͺ If you're conducting a take-home assignment for this stage, please let us know how many days the candidate has to complete it.

5️⃣ Onsite and Final interview

Please customize your interview, including the sub-stages:

πŸŸ₯ Order - If the interview sub-stages need to happen in a specific order, please change the interview order by selecting options from dropdown menu.

🟧 Stage name - You can name the sub-stages here

🟩 Duration - You can select a duration for each sub-stage using the dropdown menu

🟦 Interviewers - You can add or remove interviewers for each sub-stage. Please βœ… if "All interviewers are required" for this stage. Otherwise, Dover will alternate interviewers based on the interviewers' and candidate's availability

πŸŸͺ + Add Interview - Click Add Interview to create an additional sub-stage. Click πŸ—‘οΈ to delete a sub-stage

🟨 Interview Location, Meeting Link, Additional Instructions - Please use these fields to provide Dover with the location of the onsite--in-person or virtual--as well as any other scheduling information

🟦 Schedule Debrief - βœ… if you'd like Dover to schedule a debrief with your interview team after the interview. Use the dropdown menu to indicate the desired duration. Debriefs will be scheduled at the earliest calendar availability for all members of the onsite.

🟧 Schedule events on - Please choose the interviewer whose calendar will host the scheduling for this interview. All interviewers will receive calendar invites to their part of the interview.

6️⃣ Edit email templates

For each interview stage, click on the Email templates tab to preview and modify the scheduling and rejection emails sent by Dover. Click here to learn more about email template best practices.

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