🚫 Dover does not support Calendly

We use Dover Scheduling

With Dover Scheduling, integrating your calendars enables us to:

  • proactively message candidates to book an interview

  • proactively schedule interviews based on shared availability

  • reschedule interviews with candidates

To link your calendars with Dover, please set up your scheduling preferences.

Why doesn't Dover use Calendly?

As you know, getting candidates on your calendar is one of Dover's highest priorities. To do this, Dover generates a scheduling link for you, just like Calendly does. We use the Google Calendar API to read events from your calendar and schedule interviews with candidates & interviewers.


  • If your company uses Outlook, you will need to use Calendly

    ⚠️ Dover will not be able to schedule interviews after the 1st and 2nd rounds ⚠️

    • To set up your scheduling through Outlook, follow this step-by-step guide

    • Be sure that your Calendly link is for the duration of your interview:

  • Dover may approve the use of Calendly on a case by case basis.

    • Customer must understand the scheduling limitations of using Calendly.

    • Please contact [email protected] to discuss using Calendly.

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