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Why do I need to give Dover access to my Gmail and Google Calendar?
Why do I need to give Dover access to my Gmail and Google Calendar?

Dover uses Google Calendar's API to schedule interviews with candidates.

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Dover Gmail Authorization

In order to schedule and communicate with candidates through Dover, first you will need to authorize your Gmail through Dover.

How to Authorize Your Gmail in Dover

  1. When Authorizing your Gmail to Dover ( you will be prompted to 'Sign in with Google'

2. Sign in, and click 'Allow' to authorize Dover to send your email messages to candidates

What scopes does Dover request and why?

  • Dover requests to 'Read, compose and send emails from your Gmail account'

    • These are the minimal sets of scopes we can request from Google to send emails on your behalf as well as track when a candidate replies.

    • This allows us to send emails to candidates and track when a candidate replies.

    • The Dover integration only interacts with your email to communicate with Dover candidates.

Is this secure?

  • To have access to these scopes, Dover had to go through a lengthy audit process by Google.

  • Every year, we complete a CASA Tier 2 audit to renew our access.

  • Moreover, the Gmail API is accessed via Nylas - an industry-standard email SDK - to ensure a high degree of reliability, uptime, and compliance.

  • Read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to learn more.

Does Dover delete or modify my emails?

  • Dover never deletes or modifies email. We don’t have the scope to delete emails at all.

Dover Google Calendar Authorization

In order for you to use Dover for scheduling, Dover needs access to your calendar so that we can create interview events on your calendar.

What does the Dover calendar integration do?

🔗 Scheduling links

  • Dover creates a scheduling link by reading your calendar availability

  • Candidates book meetings, and then the integration will create an event on your calendar

  • Calendar events are modified when you or the candidate reschedule

  • Calendar events are deleted if the call is canceled

📆 Calendar sync

  • Dover can track events on your calendar that are with candidates in your hiring process.

    • This is used to show meetings on the candidate’s profile even if they are booked outside of a scheduling link.

📆 Multipart interview scheduling with Embedded Recruiter

  • If you are using Embedded Recruiter services, our scheduling team will be able to view your calendar in order to schedule multipart events (like Onsites and Final Interviews) with multiple interviewers.

  • They will not be able to modify or delete any events that are not scheduled by Dover directly.

  • Dover will always reach out to you before scheduling events over your team’s existing calendar events.

What if I don’t want to grant Dover permissions to my calendar?

You can select whether you'd like to use a third-party scheduling link or do not use a scheduling link in your Interview Preferences.

Please note without calendar authorization that Dover will not be able to reschedule candidates on your behalf and Dover will not know if interviews have been completed. You will have to manually mark all interviews as complete in order to advance or reject candidates.

  • With Embedded Recruiter, we can accommodate your request manually.

How to Authorize Google Calendar permissions to Dover:

When connecting your Google calendar ( you will be prompted to give Dover access. Please make sure that you select all of the boxes, to grant all permissions to Dover when you are submitting your authorization.

  • View and edit events on all your calendars: This enables Dover to schedule events and not double-book over existing events.

  • See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar: This enables Dover to pull a list of calendars so you can select which calendar you want to book events on, and which calendars to not double book over.

How Dover secures your data

In order to integrate with Google, Dover goes through an annual audit known as CASA Tier 2. Dover has been compliant with this for the past 3 years.

Dover is also GDPR and CCPA-compliant.

Moreover, the Gmail API is accessed via Nylas - an industry-standard email SDK - to ensure a high degree of reliability, uptime, and compliance.

You can check out our Data Protection Policy (DPP) or Privacy Policy or Terms of Service for more information.

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