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Dover sends scheduling reminders to candidates

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Sending automated scheduling reminders is one of the many features that Dover offers!

⚑ Follow-up reminders lead to a 2-3x in the % of candidates who book a call.

After you πŸ“† Schedule candidates, Dover sends a scheduling email with a link encouraging candidates to book an interview. Dover follows up two times with candidates who have not yet scheduled a call.

πŸ—“οΈ Calendar reminders to reduce drop off

The candidate will receive an email confirmation upon booking and a reminder 1 day before the call.

Interviewers for the first round will get a "Call Scheduled" notification from Dover and a reminder 10 mins before the call which includes some suggested questions and a call outline.

πŸ”„ Reschedule candidates to get them back on track

You can ask your Embedded Recruiter to reschedule a candidate interview on the candidates page in the app.

Candidates and hiring managers also both have the ability to reschedule and cancel bookings (just like Calendly, Meetingbird, etc.) directly from the calendar invite.

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