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How to reschedule interviews scheduled by Dover

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✨ You can proactively reschedule an interview in the Dover App or on your Google Calendar! ✨

πŸ€– Rescheduling in the Dover App

  1. Go to the candidate's detail view on the Candidate's page (Candidates) and select πŸ“† Reschedule

  2. Customize rescheduling email and click Send

πŸ“† Rescheduling from your Google Calendar event

  1. Find the event on your Google Calendar and click on it. You will see two rescheduling links - one for you, and one for the candidate.

  2. Click on Reschedule to get started - make sure you choose the link for your company

  3. You'll be redirected to Dover where you can then follow steps 2 & 3 here


❓ I want to reschedule, but I'm not seeing the πŸ“† Reschedule button!

πŸ’‘ Our rescheduling feature only works for interviews with a single interviewer. For panel interviews, please reach out to the Dover Support Team in Slack to reschedule the interview.

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