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See what Dover scheduling looks like from a candidate's perspective!

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How it works

If you use Dover's Scheduling Links, candidates can easily book time on your calendar. When you use Dover's scheduling links, candidates can seamlessly schedule and reschedule their interviews. Check your Interview Preferences here and select Dover Scheduling Link from the dropdown options.

Booking experience

Below is an example of Dover's Findatime scheduling which we use to schedule early round interviews with a single interviewer. Candidates can pick a time based on the availability you set in your Interview Preferences.

Calendar events - appearance and reminders

When candidates book a time on your calendar, they receive a detailed Calendar event with all the information.

Candidates can reschedule or cancel the event using the provided links. They also receive a reminder 1 day before the event starts.


Candidates will get a confirmation screen after booking the event and a confirmation email once the event has successfully been added to their calendar.

Reminders & followups

If you use Dover scheduling links, Dover follows best practices and follows up with candidates 2-3 business days after sending the first scheduling link and 3-4 business days after the first reminder. This increases the booking rate significantly. If the candidate has not responded 5 days after the 2nd reminder is sent, they are marked as withdrawn.

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