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Sourcing Copilot (Chrome extension)
Sourcing Copilot (Chrome extension)

Sourcing Copilot is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to help you send sourcing emails directly from LinkedIn.

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Sourcing is a big part of the recruiting process for both recruiters and hiring managers. Dover's Chrome extension allows users to source candidates directly from LinkedIn into existing jobs on Dover! Dover will send outreach to those candidates.

If you already have the extension, please update or reinstall.

Requirements for using Sourcing Copilot to source a candidate:

  1. Sourcing Copilot is set up in your browser, and you have created & published an outreach campaign for the job in Dover.

  2. If you aren't using Sourcing Autopilot, make sure you've authorized your own email address on the outreach campaign page.

  3. A candidate's email is needed to send outreach.

  4. You must be on a candidate’s public LinkedIn profile.

How to use Sourcing Copilot

  1. In Chrome, navigate to a candidate's LinkedIn page

  2. Click on the Dover logo on the right side of the page

  3. The Dover extension will pop up & allow you to contact the candidate through Dover. To get candidate information to populate, please follow the prompt to download their LinkedIn info as a PDF. If successful, the candidate's email address and key information will populate under Candidate Info:

    ⚠️ If Dover does not have an email address for a candidate, outreach through Dover will not be possible. You will need to reach out to the candidate via LinkedIn.

  4. Select a Job and Campaign on Dover from the dropdowns to match the candidate to the role

  5. To send the candidate outreach right away, click Add to campaign. To modify the messaging the candidate will receive, click Edit email, make any changes, then click Send.

    ✉️ Outreach emails will be sent as soon as possible within 24 hours. After Sourcing, you can find your candidates in Dover. You can also view all candidates queued for sourcing by clicking 📤 Outbox at the bottom of the extension pane.

Note: if you haven't used Copilot since its most recent update (March 2023), you may need to allow the extension to access your downloads. Simply open the extension from the top toolbar in Chrome and follow the instructions to enable these permissions. Once you complete this please hard refresh the page (Ctrl/Cmd + shift + R).

It's also recommended to toggle "Auto Open" on in the extension's settings. This will ensure you don’t have to keep clicking to keep the extension open.

How to use Copilot's AI features

Copilot also has AI capabilities to help you generate custom outreach for candidates!

Currently, this feature is only available if you are the person assigned as sending outreach in Dover. Soon, this will be available even if you aren't the email sender!

  1. To start, click Settings at the bottom of the extension and select AI Email Assistant Settings dropdown

  2. Fill out the fields and pick your tone - this info will help Dover generate your outreach messages.

  3. Once you're ready, click Save.


❓ What happens if ‘Find Email’ doesn’t find an email and I don’t have the candidate's email?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to source the candidate. Please reach out via LinkedIn or other means. Copilot will let the user know if an email address is available.

❓ If a candidate appears to be already sourced or is in our ATS, can you source them again?

No you cannot. If a candidate has already been emailed and contacted, you can view them in Candidates.

❓ What if candidate outreach failed?

Dover was unable to successfully reach out to this candidate at this time. Please reach out via LinkedIn or other means.

❓ Where does the candidate go after outreach has been sent?

Once you’ve sourced the candidate using the extension, Dover will email the candidate to see if they are interested. If they are, they’ll be surfaced in the Dover. You can view candidates who are queued to receive outreach directly in the extension (click Outbox) or in your Candidates view in Dover.

❓ How come ‘find email’ doesn’t let me see the full email?

Due to privacy concerns, we cannot display someone's full email via LinkedIn.

❓ Can you share more about the extension's security settings? Is the extension able to read data other than LinkedIn profiles?

Copilot is only active on LinkedIn pages. It does not have the ability to read data on other websites, nor can it see any other websites you're visiting. The data read by the extension is the LinkedIn profile page URL. We use that for email finding and for sourcing the candidate if you choose to reach out to them. If you're using the Extension to generate outreach content, the extension only reads the downloaded resume and not any of your other downloaded files.

Our philosophy is to use and collect the minimum amount of information to enhance your recruiting experience. We never share this data or use it outside the context of supporting you in making a hire!

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