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Dover's Sourcing Autopilot feature identifies and reaches out to 100+ candidate matches each week with personalized messages that look like they're coming from you. Dover's algorithm adjusts based on whom you advance and whom you reject, zeroing in on your perfect candidate the more you use the Dover App.

Dover recommends the following best practices to optimize Dover Sourcing:

🎯 Choose the target number of candidates you would like Dover to contact weekly, strategically.

  • Dover intelligently calculates the number of candidates to send outreach to in order to achieve your target number of interested candidates.

  • You can adjust your outreach volume based on the estimated number of candidates you want per week at the top of your hiring funnel.

    • You can adjust the new candidates who will be sent emails each week, which will automatically adjust the estimated number of interested candidates you will receive per week.

  • You can adjust the estimated number of interested candidates and Dover will intelligently calculate the number of new candidates sent emails per week to achieve your targeted number of interested candidates.

📤 Make sure your outreach is high quality and personalized — some best practices include:

  • Have the outreach come from the Hiring Manager for increased candidate response and interest rates

  • Link to your website and to the email sender's LinkedIn profile

  • If you have series funding, mention this in the email subject line (ie "X role at Company [Series A]")

  • Mention high-profile customers, investors, and funding raised so far

  • Add a line on your company’s mission statement—you're not trying to convince them about your product, you're trying to get them on the phone

  • A call to action that asks them directly if they have time in the upcoming week to chat with a member of the team (ie "Do you have time in the next few days?" is better than "Let me know if you're free to chat!")

  • Flattery! "We're looking for the best {{role}} to build out our team, and your background looks like it would be a great fit!" is more motivating than "You seem like a good fit."

  • For engineers and design hires, list the tech stack they'll be working with

  • Mentioning the impact the candidate will have on the team or product or role (especially if they're an early hire)

  • Including a link to an employee blog post, job description, careers page, or relevant PR (published in the last six months)

ℹ️ If the candidates being surfaced are not a good fit, adjust calibration in the Dover App by following the steps in this article. If you need help, reach out to your Dover Embedded Recruiter in Slack or in the Dover Support team chat in the Dover App for help!

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