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Sourcing Autopilot outreach volume

You can adjust how much

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Sourcing Autopilot's Autosend can send outreach to a maximum of 200 candidates each week with personalized messages that look like they're coming from you. Dover's algorithm adjusts based on whom you advance and whom you reject, zeroing in on your perfect candidate the more you use the Dover App.

Dover intelligently calculates the number of candidates to send outreach to in order to achieve your target number of interested candidates. For the first two weeks of a search, Dover estimates the number of new candidates to contact per week based on the average interest rates for the type of search you’re running (eg. Backend Engineer, Product Designer, etc). After the first two weeks, Dover uses your actual interested candidate rate (number of interested candidates divided by number of candidates contacted) to intelligently calculate how many new candidates to contact each week.

You can configure the number of new candidates to contact per week as well as the target number of interested candidates per week.

🎯 How to adjust your outreach Autosend email volume:

You can adjust your outreach volume based on the estimated number of candidates you want per week at the top of your hiring funnel. You can adjust the number of new candidates who will be sent emails each week, which will automatically adjust the estimated number of interested candidates you will receive per week.

To make adjustments, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Home page, click Overview for your job

  2. In the Overview tab under Sourcing Autopilot, under the Configure dropdown click Settings

  3. Adjust either the New candidates emailed per week or the Estimated interested candidates per week and click Submit

❓ Why can I only send 200 emails per week?

Dover caps the number of emails that can be sent to 200 per week. This is so that outreach is less likely to land in spam folders. Dover also rate-limit emails — while Gmail recommends mere seconds between emails, Dover actually spaces out emails by at least 2 minutes and does not send more than 20 emails per hour. Moreover, we have daily and weekly limits.

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