Welcome to Dover. Congrats on launching your search!

Here we'll cover how to get the most out of Dover.

1️⃣ Access the Dover App here.

πŸ’‘ Hiring managers and recruiters who devote about 1 hr/week to working with Dover hire the quickest and are able to close the best talent.

2️⃣ Review Candidates In Slack

⏱️ 15 min/week (Hiring Manager/Recruiter)

Dover surfaces interested, qualified candidates from inbound, outbound, and referral channels in Slack to "Approve" or "Reject".

  • Take 2 minutes to review a candidate's profile.

    πŸ’‘ Distinguish between candidate sources in Slack:

    Inbound β€” πŸ“¬ New Application

    Referrals β€” 🀝 New Interested Referral

    Outbound β€” "interested in"

  • Select an Interviewer from your team or a Dover Interviewer from the dropdown.

  • Click Approve, Not interested or select additional options from the ... in Slack or in the dropdown in the Dover App. Dover will handle communications and scheduling for approved candidates.

  • You can also Ignore an inbound candidate if you've already taken action on them outside of Dover.

πŸ’‘ Change your mind? Reply in the candidate's thread in Slack. You'll have 1 hr to reverse an Approval and 24 hrs to reverse a Not interested selection. More info here.

3️⃣ First Round Phone Screen

☎️ Use Dover Interviewers [Optional]

⏱️ 15 min/week (Hiring Manager)

We offer Dover Interviewers to give you time back. Our trained interviewers screen candidates using customized screener questions based on the role.

Take 2 minutes to review the Interview Notes and approve or reject each candidate.

If a candidate is advanced, they will automatically be scheduled for the second round with the interviewer you specified in your Interview Plan.

☎️ Pitch top candidates yourself [Optional]

⏱️ 4 hrs/week

Your team might want to take the first call yourself to pitch candidates directly. Select yourself or a team member from the interviewer dropdown in Slack before selecting Approve.

  • The interviewer must set up their interview preferences here

Next Steps

After the call, look for a 'Next Steps' email from [email protected]. Select from the options below:

  • Yes β€” A next steps email template will be populated in the Dover App. Customize & send to advance the candidate. You'll need to include scheduling information.

  • No β€” A polite rejection template will be populated. You should customize & send now or later. Dover will not auto-send a rejection after you meet with a candidate. If you change their status directly in your ATS, Dover will also not auto-send a rejection.

  • Meeting did not happen β€” Use Dover to reschedule with the candidate

4️⃣ Second Round Interview

⏱️ 1-2 hrs/week

Dover handles scheduling and communication up until the candidate speaks to you or someone on your team.

If you advance a candidate following a phone screen with Dover, the candidate will be scheduled with the 2nd round interviewer as designated in the Interview Plan page in your Job Settings. This is most likely a call with the hiring manager. Dover will handle scheduling & re-scheduling based on your interview preferences.

After you meet with the candidate, your team will need to handle next steps unless you have enabled Candidate Management and End to End Scheduling.

5️⃣ Late-stage Scheduling & Candidate Management

⏱️ 1 hr/week

Though Dover handles first calls and helps with no-shows and rescheduling, we've found that stellar interview processes require a degree of ongoing candidate management. Once candidates speak with your team, it's your responsibility to follow up with candidates & move them through the process in a timely manner. Enable End to End Scheduling directly in the Dover App!

πŸ“² Dover Check-ins and Strategy Syncs

⏱️ 30 min/2 weeks

Dover will email you weekly reports with your funnel conversion and you can check your reporting dashboard at any time. In addition to providing funnel metrics, we benchmark your performance against other customers who have hired for your roles.

We'll start out by checking in frequently - once every 2 weeks - to get feedback on the candidates you're seeing in Slack. Occasionally, we may offer advice to help you adjust your strategy.

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