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Welcome to Dover. Congrats on launching your job search!

Here we'll cover how to get the most out of Dover.

1️⃣ Access the Dover App here.

💡 Hiring managers and recruiters who devote about 1 hr/week to working with Dover hire the quickest and are able to close the best talent. Looking to reduce your time spent on recruiting operations and tasks? Book a time with your Embedded Recruiter to learn how Dover can help.

2️⃣ Review candidates in Slack or in the Dover App

⏱️ 15 min/week (Hiring Manager/Recruiter)

Dover surfaces interested, qualified candidates in Slack or the Dover App to "Approve" or "Reject".

  • Take 2 minutes to review a candidate's profile.

    💡 Distinguish between candidate sources in Slack:

    Inbound — 📬 New Application

    Outbound — ✉️ "interested in"

  • Select an Interviewer from your team or a Dover Interviewer from the dropdown.

  • 👍 Approve or 👎 Reject in Slack or in the Dover App and you can send scheduling or a polite rejection to a candidate.

3️⃣ Initial Phone Interviews

☎️ Use Dover Interviewers [Optional]

⏱️ 15 min/week (Hiring Manager)

We offer Dover Interviewers so you can delegate initial phone screens to our team of experts. Last year, we conducted over 27,000 interviews for both technical and go-to-market roles.

Take 2 minutes to review the Interview Notes and approve or reject each candidate.

☎️ Pitch top candidates yourself [Optional]

⏱️ 4 hrs/week

Your team might want to take the first call yourself to pitch candidates directly. Select yourself or a team member from the interviewer dropdown in Slack before selecting Approve.

  • Each interviewer can set up their interview preferences here.

4️⃣ Second Round Interview

⏱️ 1-2 hrs/week

After the phone screen, you can advance the candidate to the next stage in your Interview Plan. This is often a call with the hiring manager. If you use Embedded Recruiter, Dover will schedule this call for you.

5️⃣ Late-stage scheduling (technical interviews, take home assignments, and onsites)

⏱️ 4 hr/week

After early stage interviews, you can advance candidates to late stage interviews such as technical interviews, take home assignments, and onsites. Dover can help you with communications and scheduling for late stages of the interview process. Use Embedded Recruiter and let Dover take care of communications and scheduling candidates throughout the entire interview process.

📲 Dover check-ins and strategy syncs

Embedded Recruiter only

⏱️ 30 min/2 weeks

Dover will email you weekly reports with your funnel conversion and you can check your reporting dashboard at any time. In addition to providing metrics, we benchmark your performance against other customers who have hired for your roles. If you use Embedded Recruiter, you can sync with your Embedded recruiter to get feedback on the candidates you're seeing and to make strategic adjustments to your hiring strategy.

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