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You can reach Dover via Slack, email, or our Help Center!

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We are available 6am PST - 5pm PT. Our team does its best to ensure that we respond to all of your questions and messages in under 24 hours.

💬 Get Help in the Dover App

1️⃣ Click the Chat icon in the lower right hand corner on any page in the Dover App

2️⃣ Click Send us a message to connect with our Support Team or Search for help to browse Dover's Help Center articles.

3️⃣ Type a message click the Send icon

4️⃣ You can continue to talk to our Support team, and even send us attachments to help Support help you!

🗨️ Slack

ℹ️ The Dover Support Team is in all of your shared Slack job channels.

ℹ️ If you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager or Customer Experience Partner, you can reach them in your Slack admin channel.

Some tips for using Slack with Dover:

✅ Do comment in the job slack channel if you want help from Customer Support. Support is available from 6am PST - 5pm PST and will respond within 10 mins during regular business hours.

✅ Do @here or @channel for any urgent issues.

✅ Do leave feedback on specific candidates in the candidate thread. Our system ingests this feedback.

❌ Don't leave comments in the admin channel with action items for Dover team members without @mentioning a Dover team member. We won't get notified and might miss it.

❌ Don't send direct messages to Dover team members or to Customer Support. We want the whole team to have visibility so that we can triage your requests appropriately.

✉️ Email

You can email [email protected] at any time. Additionally, you can contact the Dover executive team directly:

Have a question about an invoice or billing? Shoot a note to [email protected] and our finance team will be in touch to assist with any questions you may have.

❓ Dover Help Center

Visit Dover's Help Center at See something missing or want to request a help article? Contact us in a job channel via Slack (@DoverSupportTeam) or at [email protected].

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