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Meet your Dover team
Meet your Dover team

Introduction to the people you will work closely with at Dover!

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We are excited to be partnering with you and your team to achieve your hiring goals! We all have the same goal ➡️ to help you streamline, integrate, and scale every step of your hiring process!

💪 Dover Support Team

Have no fear, your Dover Support Team is here! Have questions about how to do something? Having trouble finding a candidate's information? You don’t have to navigate Dover alone.

When can I get help?

Dover Support Team is available 9am - 8pm ET / 6am - 5pm PT M-F.

Where can I get help?

  • Non-contract customers can reach Dover Support Team via email ([email protected]) or through our in-app chat integration.

  • Contract customers can reach Dover Support Team via email ([email protected]), through our in-app chat integration and through your job channels in Slack!

🤖 DoverBot

Access to DoverBot will depend on your Dover plan.

Occasionally, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with our product through Slack. DoverBot will reach out if there are any important updates regarding your job, candidate communications, or new product announcements.

Can I talk to DoverBot? Yes! DoverBot is connected directly to our internal team. If you have questions or comments regarding something surfaced to you by DoverBot, our team will see your response and action accordingly.

Will DoverBot talk back? Maybe 🙂

🏆 Embedded Recruiter

Access to a Customer Success Manager will depend on your Dover plan.

Your Embedded Recruiter is here to help your team get the most out of your investment in Dover. They will be your go to source as you think about optimizing your recruiting strategy for open roles, planning ahead for future hiring needs, and building a great employer brand. They’ll keep you informed of new products and features too!

How can I reach my Embedded recruiter? Email or Slack Admin channel for immediate assistance or book a call with them directly here.

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