How to use AI Applicant Sorting

Dover’s AI Applicant sorting chat bot helps you to quickly sort applicants

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Dover lets you harness the power of AI to sort your applicants. Simply tell DoverBot what you're looking for, and it can narrow your applicants based on your prompts.

🤖 What types of questions can I ask DoverBot?

AI Chat can help you target specific candidates. Below are some examples of what you can ask DoverBot and how to ask it:

💬 You can ask questions directly related to Dover's standard criteria:

  • Narrow down the total years of work experience

    • "People with 5+ years of work experience"

  • Narrow your list of applicants by location

    • "Show me candidates in United States"

    • "Don't show me people in New York or California"

  • Identify candidates by job title

    • "Show me product managers"

    • "Don’t show me technical product managers"

  • Search for specific skills

    • "Candidates skilled in React or TypeScript"

    • "Don’t show me people mentioning hardware"

  • Filter by industry experience

    • "Show candidates with a healthcare background"

    • “No B2C people"

💬 You can ask questions outside of Dover's standard criteria:

  • "Show me candidates who have done data migration projects"

  • “I want to see people who worked at FAANG companies”

  • “Candidates from Ivy League Schools”

  • “People from Spanish speaking countries only"

💬 You can also combine prompts:

  • "Show me product managers working in healthcare in San Francisco"

  • "Show me software engineers with at least 5 years of experience who have experience with React or Typescript"

  • "Show me account executives with experience at SaaS startups"

  • "Show me people who have experience at enterprise companies and went to a top tier school"

❓ How does AI Chat filter applicants?

When you ask DoverBot what you’re looking for, it will produce answers based on the type of job and on Dover’s filters. Filters allow you to hone in on the exact type of profile that you’re looking for in top applicants. You can filter for things like location, experience, companies, education, and skills. Dover's AI Chat is powered by OpenAI and can also support a number of queries outside of our standard criteria by applying our filtering capabilities in creative ways.

You can check out our complete guide to all of Dover's Search Criteria Filters.

⚙️ How to use AI Applicant Sorting:

ℹ️ Please note that you need to have enabled Job Boards in Dover in order to use this feature. Or you can reach out to [email protected] to import your existing applicants to Dover.

  1. Select a job on the Dover home page

  2. Go to Application Review and click 🪄AI Chat

  3. Tell DoverBot which type of candidates your looking for and it will filter down your list of applicants

  4. ↩️ To undo your last change, click the undo icon.

    🔄To restart the AI Chat from scratch, click the reset icon.

    ✅ To further filter your applicants using your Criteria inputs, toggle on Include Criteria. Toggling this on will also apply filters that you have on the Criteria tab and only show applicants that pass both sets of filters.

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