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✨ Dover offers many ways to add candidates to your ATS, so that you can centralize all your candidate interactions in one place. ✨

How to add candidates to Dover's ATS:

Add Candidates Manually

Add candidates to Dover using Dover’s Add Candidate feature by providing their name (or LinkedIn) and email address, and use Dover to send candidates outreach or scheduling emails.

🔍 Dover’s Sourcing Extension

Source candidates directly from LinkedIn into existing jobs on Dover using Dover’s Chrome sourcing extension.

Use Dover’s Job Board Manager to post on over 60 popular job boards. Click on Review Applications, and filter applicants based on what you’re looking for.

Candidates who pass your search criteria will automatically be surfaced to you in Slack and in your pipeline, so you can focus on the most qualified candidates!

📧 Sourcing Autopilot

If you don’t want to spend time manually sourcing, you can put Sourcing on 🚀Autopilot — Dover will automatically contact 50+ leads every week. Dover identifies and reaches out to candidate matches each week with personalized messages that look like they're coming from you. Dover’s algorithm adjusts based on whom you advance and whom you reject, zeroing in on your perfect candidate the more you use the app.

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