💡 Dover now offers a new feature called the Inbound Application Review Page! The top matches for each role will still surface in Slack, but this page allows you to easily review all of your inbound candidates at one time in the Dover App.

The best-fit candidates are automatically sorted to the top of the list and you can zip through the applicants (with keyboard shortcuts!) and quickly add candidates into your pipeline.

Please reach out to your Dover team in the job Slack channel if you would like to build your candidate pipeline using our Inbound Manager.

How to use to the Inbound Application Review Page

1️⃣ Go to the Dover App

2️⃣ Click on the Candidates View

3️⃣ Click on Review Applications

4️⃣ Select desired Job from the dropdown

5️⃣ Candidates default to Order By best match. Candidates will be labeled Best match, Close match, or Mismatch based on your calibration.

6️⃣ Click on the names of candidates to view their application

✨ You can now Filter Candidates based on Years of Experience, current job title, company, school, and other criteria.✨

7️⃣ Choose Next Steps at the bottom of the page for each candidate

8️⃣ Once you have reviewed all applicants, you will see this message:

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