Inbound Job Boards are essential for finding great candidates and most successful job searches utilize inbound job boards in addition to outreach and referrals.. When you turn on a job board with Dover, Dover will take on all the work of posting, maintaining, promoting where appropriate, and reposting your jobs so they stay refreshed and top of queue.

Once you’ve successfully made a hire, Dover will deactivate all of these posts on your behalf for a streamlined experience.

Why Inbound?

Dover has found that inbound candidates are significantly more likely to convert into a hire because they have already invested the time and energy to look at your job posting and express active interest by applying.

Dover also helps cut out some of the noise with Inbound Candidates by only surfacing those relevant candidates who pass your search criteria. Visit How to View Inbound Candidates for more information.

Dover's Job Board Manager

To leverage Dover's Job Board Manager, follow these steps:

1️⃣ Navigate to the Dover App and select ⚙️ Settings on one of your active jobs

2️⃣ On the Overview page, click Set Up and complete any outstanding setup steps

3️⃣ Select the Job Boards tab on the left and toggle to the Job Board Selector

4️⃣ From here you can browse Dover's catalog of job boards - including any data we’ve accumulated on potential number of candidates and a brief description of each. Click Learn more next to any job boards to learn more about them and +Add source to have Dover post on a job board.

ℹ️ Please select your subscription amount, select whether to automatically renew job postings, and add a credit card to pay for job postings.

🚨 Don’t see the Job Board you are looking for? Read How to request an Inbound source? to request one.

Job Boards FAQ

❓ I already have a job board posting. Can Dover import my inbound candidates?

Dover cannot support a retroactive integration for inbound candidates. If you provide Dover with a CSV of inbound candidates, Dover can accommodate your request. To create a CSV, please read this article in the Help Center. You can email your CSV to your Customer Experience Partner or, if you do not have a dedicated CX Partner, please email your CSV with instructions to [email protected].

❓ Which job boards are best suited for my job?

Curious which job boards we would suggest based on your job’s specific needs? Reach out to Dover Customer Support in Slack or in the Dover App or utilize the Learn more buttons next to each job board posting.

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