If you're using Lever or Greenhouse, yes you can!

How to Add Candidates from my ATS into Dover:

1️⃣ Click +Add Candidate next to the Dover logo in the menu

2️⃣ Select Interview Pipeline at the top of the menu

3️⃣ To sync the candidate from your ATS, select Yes, input the candidate's ATS URL, and click Sync.

💡 The candidate's job in your ATS will be preselected, and you will be able to choose which pipeline stage to add the candidate to.

🚨 If you'd like to move the candidate to another job, please move them in your ATS first before adding them to Dover!

4️⃣ Complete the Candidate Info. If you've synced the candidate from your ATS, this will be auto-populated with that data. If you do not have a LinkedIn URL, please provide the candidate's First & Last Name

5️⃣ Decide whether you want Dover to Schedule an Interview

✅ If you would like Dover to schedule an interview, Select Yes & choose the interviewer from the dropdown.

🚫 If your team will coordinate scheduling, Select No

6️⃣ Select Candidate source as Agency or Other - if the candidate was found through an agency, please provide the name and email address

7️⃣ Review and edit the email that will be sent to the candidate - make your changes if needed, then hit Send.

💡 Click here to learn more about manually adding candidates to Dover!

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