✨ You can view and adjust your search criteria directly in Searches.

❓ What is Search Criteria?

Search Criteria is how Dover represents your requirements and preferences around people who are a fit for your job.

  • Requirements — What are must-have qualities for a candidate to be considered? (e.g. Located on the East Coast)

  • Preferences — What are some nice-to-have qualities? (e.g. What companies they worked for...)

Dover uses this set of search criteria to identify which people are the best fit for your job across the different channels you have enabled (outbound, inbound, referrals).

When setting up a job on Dover, the calibration form serves as the basis for the initial search criteria. This search criteria evolves over the lifetime of the job, adjusting based on your direct feedback and reactions to candidates surfaced.

🚨 The Search Criteria you see in the Dover App are not exhaustive. Dover uses a combination of rules, heuristics and machine learning to determine someone's suitability for a role.

To view and make changes to your Search Criteria, read this article.

❓ How is my search criteria being applied to different channels?

The search criteria surfaced in Dover App is used to identify which candidates to target for Dover Outbound.

A more permissive set of these criteria are applied to inbound applicants and referral candidates. This is because inbound applicants are actively interested and more likely to convert to a hire and referrals are surfaced before outreach is sent.

❓ When do changes to my search criteria take effect?

For Dover Outbound, it typically takes a few business days to see changes take effect. Dover Outbound identifies and emails candidates for your job every day. Candidates may take several days to respond. Candidates who matched an earlier set of search criteria can still be surfaced in Slack. The Slack message will indicate if they are not a match for your current criteria.

For inbound and referrals, a more permissive set of the updated criteria will be applied immediately to new applicants or contact uploads.

❓ What are “automatic adjustments”?

Automatic adjustments are intelligent changes Dover makes to your search criteria to better adapt to your preferences and to ensure optimal candidate flow.

Dover intelligently adjusts your search criteria in two scenarios:

  • based on the rejection feedback you leave for candidates through the rejection panel in Slack

  • when Dover needs to find more candidates to target for Dover Outbound

If you would like to opt out of these automatic adjustments, feel free to toggle this off and no adjustments will be made to the search automatically. Please note this will impact Dover Outbound’s ability to deliver consistent candidate flow.

❓ What if I want Dover to make search adjustments for me?

If you're on a premium plan, please reach out to your Recruiting Consultant to make changes for you.

❓ What if I can’t find the search criteria I want in the Dover App?

Please read this article in our help center with a comprehensive list of Filters that you can adjust yourself in the Dover App. Please reach out to Support in the chat bot if you need help.

❓ How does my search criteria impact my candidate pool?

To learn more about how your search criteria impacts the your pool of potential candidates for a role, please read this article.

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