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Do you integrate with Gem?

Dover does not currently have a Gem integration, however you can exclude Gem candidates from outreach.

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Dover does not have a Gem integration, but we can still exclude candidates you’ve reached out to via Gem’s platform!

To Exclude Gem Contacts from Dover Outreach:

1. Export contacts from Gem

If you want us to exclude Gem contacts from a campaign, go into a sequence and in the top right corner, click Download report

2. Exclude candidates in Gem from Dover outreach:

  1. Go to the Dover App's ATS Settings here

  2. Under Company Information, Click Exclusions

  3. On the Exclusions page, scroll down to the Custom Candidates to Exclude section. Here, you can upload a list of candidates whom Dover should not reach out to.

  4. Upload a CSV of candidates whom you want to exclude from Dover outreach

    1. Your CSV must follow the formatting below. Each column title is case sensitive. If the CSV does not match this styling, the upload will fail.

    2. If the upload fails, under Upload Date, it will say "Upload failed"

    3. Please be aware that Dover identifies candidates using their LinkedIn profile. If an entry on the exclusions list is missing a LinkedIn URL, Dover may still reach out to that individual.

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