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Updating interviewer for a specific candidate
Updating interviewer for a specific candidate
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Dover's candidate thread in Slack allows you to change interviewers very easily.

πŸ—¨οΈ How to change an interviewer in Slack:

Before approving a candidate in Slack, use the dropdown menu at the bottom to select a different interviewer.

How to change the interviewer in the Dover App?

There are several places to change the interviewer in Dover.

Review page

  1. In the Dover App, click Review from the left sidebar menu

  2. Under Next Interviewer, select the interviewer from the dropdown

  3. Click Submit

  4. πŸ‘ Advance and Schedule Candidate

Candidate page

  1. In the Dover App, click πŸ” from the left sidebar menu and search for a candidate

  2. On the right of the candidate card, click Schedule

  3. Change the interviewer and customize the scheduling email

    ✨ Click πŸ“† Scheduling link to send a unique scheduling link

    for the candidate to book with the interviewer ✨

  4. When you're finished making changes, click Send and Update Stage

❓ Does making changes affect the Interview Plan for all candidates?

No. This will not impact the interview plan for your job. The changes you make happen for an individual candidate. If you wish to make a permanent change to the interview plan, you can do so by following the steps here.

❓ What if I have already approved a candidate?

If the candidate has already been approved, please reply in the candidate thread in Slack and our our Support Team can make the change. Once we complete this update, you will see a similar message in the Slack thread confirming the changes.

❓ What happens after a new interviewer is selected?

The interviewer will be changed for the individual candidate. If a scheduling email will be sent, then Dover will send a scheduling email to that candidate.

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