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Quick-Start Guide for how to get your team set up to use Dover!

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👋 Welcome to Dover! Here is a quick overview of the steps needed to get set up so that your team can start meeting candidates. Once you’re set up, Dover fully handles all the heavy lifting of generating your candidate pipeline, scheduling interviews, and much more.

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1️⃣ Onboarding Call - 30 mins

2️⃣ Company Setup - 15 mins

3️⃣ Job Setup & Calibration - 15 mins

4️⃣ Job Kickoff Call - 30 mins

5️⃣ Interview & User Settings - 10 mins

💡 Our team will share detailed instructions for each step, so don't sweat the details yet. We're here to help you along every step of the process via email or Slack. You can also find more information in our Help Center.

1️⃣ Onboarding Call

This call is for customers who are on Dover's contract plans only.

Who: Contract Signer & Recruiting Leader | : 30 mins

Meet with your Customer Success Manager to discuss your company’s hiring goals so we can ensure that Dover is focused on meeting your business priorities.

  • Review your goals: Review your hiring goals and business priorities. Discover how Dover can be most helpful in your recruiting efforts.

  • Confirm your onboarding roadmap: Learn what makes a successful partnership with Dover and how to launch job searches through Dover.

2️⃣ Company Setup (Async)

Who: Contract Signer or Recruiting Leader | : 10 mins

💡 In order to complete the steps below, you will need to be an admin of the respective accounts.

3️⃣ Job Setup and Calibration (Async)

Who: Hiring Manager or Recruiter | : 15 mins

By completing Dover's job questionnaire and reviewing sample candidates, you can calibrate Dover to find the best candidates for each open position.

To learn more about setting up a job on Dover, please read this article.

4️⃣ Job Kickoff Call (optional)

ℹ️ This step is available on premium plans only.

Who: Hiring Manager | : 30 mins

Review the Hiring Manager’s calibration questionnaire and sample candidates to finalize the search criteria for each job. Complete any remaining setup items to get each role kicked off.

  • Walk through the Dover App & process - 15 mins

    Get a quick walk through of the Dover App and learn about how to use Dover.

  • Calibration discussion - 15 mins

    Further discuss your ideal candidate and review sample candidates to ensure Dover is well-calibrated for the search.

  • Technical Job Setup - 30 mins

    Review the technical setup from your job description to your interview plan so that Dover can successfully kick off the search. We’ll also ensure your team gets added to the Slack channel where the Hiring Manager (and selected team members) will review candidates.

5️⃣ User Settings (Async)

Who: Hiring Manager & Interviewers | : 10 mins

Tailor Dover to your needs by specifying your team's availability to take calls and upload LinkedIn contacts.

  • Add contact exclusions - 5 mins

    Upload your LinkedIn contacts so Dover doesn't reach out to anyone you know (if that's your preference). Fill out a list of "Do not contact" companies so we don't reach out to your friends or companies where you used to work or with whom you have non-compete agreements.

  • Finalize interview calendar preferences - 5 mins (if you are using Dover for Scheduling)

    Tell Dover when you would prefer to have interviews booked on your interviewers' calendars, which calendars to use, and connect your calendars to Dover. Complete these Interview Preferences here by following the steps in this video.

🎉 All done! 🎉

After completing the steps above, you’ll be all set to launch your job on Dover. Dover will identify candidates across all your recruiting channels - Outbound, Inbound, and Referrals.

Candidates will appear in each job’s corresponding Slack channel for you to approve and reject. Approved candidates will show up in your pipeline and on your team’s calendars as they progress through the interview stages. It's really that simple! 💯

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Dover team if you have any questions!

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