✨Dover's job setup is now configurable based on which Dover Features you have enabled for each job. ✨

Get Started!

Adding a new role with Dover is easy! Setup will take less than 5 minutes.

1️⃣ Create a Job

Click Create a job, fill out basic information about your new role, and click Next.

2️⃣ Enable Dover Features

Select the Dover Features you would like to enable

❓ To learn more about each feature before enabling, you can click view help doc.

Once you've selected Dover features, click Start Setup

3️⃣ Complete Customized Setup

Once you have selected (or Enabled) your Features, a Needs Setup banner will appear above each feature.

When a feature is enabled, a popup will appear if additional setup is required.

Click Continue and complete additional Setup Items.

ℹ️ Setup Items appear on the left sidebar of the Job Settings page

✅ When a Job Setup item is complete, a checkmark will appear to the left

➖ When a Job Setup item has not been started, a ➖ will appear to the left

↔️ When a Job Setup item is incomplete, yellow arrows will appear to the left.

4️⃣ Complete Calibration Form*

*Not all features require this step, however if you would like Dover to help you better calibrate and filter your inbound and outbound candidates, you can choose to answer additional questions for more refined filtering.

Next, Dover will walk you through the setup steps listed in the left side menu below. Follow the prompts to complete all setup pages.

After you complete setup and calibration for your role, you can schedule an Onboarding meeting with the Dover Team to kick off the new role. If you are a returning hiring manager or if Dover is well-calibrated for your role, you may not need to complete this step.

If have scheduled a time, you will receive an email invite to the event. From here, our team will reach out with any additional steps needed to kick off the role.

5️⃣ Job Setup is Complete 🎉

Meet with your Dover team to learn how enabling Dover Features can help you find and schedule the best candidates for your job.

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