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Applicants who apply through Dover's Careers page answer custom questions that are either required or optional.

Dover's Application Form

โž•How to add questions

You can add custom questions to your application form.

  1. Click +Add Question

  2. Write a question and select the type or response from the dropdown

    1. Multiple choice - click +Add option to add response options

    2. Long answer - this type of response is ideal for cover letters

    3. Short answer - this response is ideal for shorter responses around 1 or 2 sentences

  3. Toggle on Required for those responses that are mandatory

  4. When you've added questions, click Save

  5. Click Preview job posting to view your application

๐Ÿ‘€ View Applicants Responses to Questions

How to view applicant responses

  1. Go to the Dover App and click on the job

  2. Click on the Application Review tab

  3. Click on an applicant and you can see the answers to the application form questions on the right

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