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You can now easily share notes about candidates and tag your teammates or Dover Embedded Recruiter. Communicate with your team about a candidate or, if you use Embedded Recruiter, you can leave notes or instructions for them. Notes are visible to your entire company.

If you want to leave interview notes about a candidate, we recommend that you use Dover's Interview Feedback Forms.

How to add a note:

  1. In the Dover App, click ๐Ÿ” from the left sidebar menu and search for a candidate

  2. Under the candidate card, click โœ๏ธ Add a note

  3. [optional] To tag someone, @ + start typing your team member's name or your Dover team member's name

    โ„น๏ธ Don't see someone's name from the options? You can click +Add user to add their name and their work email.

Click Add and your note will be added. If you have @mentioned someone, they will receive an email notifying them.

How to edit or delete a Note:

  • To edit a note, click ... and click Edit

  • To delete a note, click ... and click Delete

What happens when you leave a note:

When you leave a note in Dover, it will be visible to anyone from your company who logs into Dover. When you @ mention someone on your team or Dover's team, they will receive an email notification with your message.

How to view candidate's Notes in Dover:

  1. When you get an email notification that you've been mentioned in a note, click View candidate

  2. To review all the notes about a specific candidate, click the Notes tab

  3. To reply, click โœ๏ธ Add a note and tag the teammate who mentioned you or your Embedded Recruiter.

How to review all my recent @Mentions:

  1. Go to Review in the Dover App

  2. Review all of the tagged messages for a specific job

  3. To send a reply to your teammate, click Reply and โœ๏ธ Add a note

  4. To mark the Note as completed, click โœ”๏ธ

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