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πŸ“€ Leads

βœ‰οΈ Queued

πŸ“§ Contacted

πŸ“© Responded

πŸ“ž Interviewing

πŸ“¬ Applicants

πŸ—‚οΈ Filters


✨ The Candidates View is where you can see all of the candidates in your pipeline, from the moment they are sourced until they reach the final interview stage! This view will show you all your candidates in Dover and which candidates are waiting for decisions from your team.

The Candidates View is split into three sections:

🟧 Applicants - if you have enabled any inbound job boards, these are where applicants who match your search will appear. To review all applicants, visit the Review Applicants page

🟩 Leads - these are candidates who will receive outreach (including candidates sourced by Dover, manually sourced candidates and referrals), sorted into 3 subsections:

  • Queued - candidates who are scheduled to receive outreach

  • Contacted - candidates who have received outreach, but have not responded yet

  • Responded - candidates who have responded to your outreach as interested

πŸŸͺ Interviewing - these are candidates actively moving through your interview process - the subsections you see here will vary depending on the stages you've implemented in your interview plan

πŸ“€ Leads

Leads are candidates, sourced by your team or Dover, who receive outreach emails.

  • At the top, you can see whether or not Dover Sourcing is enabled. From the dropdown, you can disable Dover Sourcing, pause outreach or deactivate the role

  • You’ll also see options to edit your search criteria or your outreach campaign


Within Leads, you'll see three subsections. Queued are scheduled to receive outreach.

  • Under Name, you'll see the candidate's name and links to the candidate's LinkedIn profile as well as their most recent job title if it's publicly listed. You can use this info to decide whether or not you want Dover to reach out to the candidate!

  • Under Current Stage, you'll see that if the email has been queued

  • Under Next Up, you'll see when the outreach email is scheduled to be sent

  • Under Actions, you can make changes before outreach is sent. To edit the outreach email, click ✏️ Edit message. To send the outreach immediately, click πŸš€ Send now. To remove the candidate from your queue so they do not receive outreach, click the ❌


Once a candidate receives an outreach email, they move to Contacted.

Similar to the options in Queued, you can edit or immediately send any followup emails from this view. For context, Dover sends out two followups to every candidate who receives outreach. If you'd prefer a candidate not receive followups, click the ❌ to remove them from the outreach queue.


Once a candidate has responded with interest, they move to Responded.

πŸ’‘ It’s important to pay close attention to candidates in this stage - they are interested and awaiting your response! We have found that interest rates drop by 5% for each day that candidates wait for a response from you.

Under Next Up, Dover lets you know what's needed for this candidate:

🟨 Needs Decision: this candidate has responded with interest and is awaiting your decision. They don't have any questions or comments that need your response or attention - but if you'd like to view their response, simply click on the candidate's name on the left.

To approve them to be scheduled for an initial interview, click the πŸ‘; to have Dover politely reject them, click the πŸ‘Ž. To customize the approval or rejection email, click the respective dropdowns.

To move the candidate to another role you think they'd be a better fit for, click the ... overflow menu.

πŸŸ₯ Needs Response: this candidate has responded with interest, but they have asked questions or added context to their response that Dover needs you to review before making your decision. The options on the right under Actions will vary depending on what the candidate shared.

  • Customize next steps means the candidate asked a question that you should answer. To view it and respond, just click Customize next steps to edit the scheduling email, or click the dropdown next to the πŸ‘Ž to answer their question while rejecting them. Note that even if Customize next steps isn't the default approval option, you can always customize the scheduling email by clicking the dropdown next to the πŸ‘

πŸ’‘ Dover does not recommend answering a candidate's question without either approving or rejecting them, as this adds more back and forth and often leads to candidate dropoff. To send a response to the candidate without approving/rejecting, please contact your Dover Support Team using the chatbot in the App.

  • Move job means that the candidate has responded indicating that they want to be considered for a different role. To move them and send out a scheduling email for that other role (if needed), just click Move job and follow the prompts. To reject them, just click the πŸ‘Ž - don't forget to use the dropdown to send a custom rejection email if needed!

🟩 Interviewers: to change the initial interviewer for a candidate, click the ✏️

πŸ“ž Interviewing

Once you’ve approved a candidate for an initial call, they move to the Initial Call stage under Interviewing. Each of your interview stages will work similarly to this one, so we’ll use it as our example.

πŸŸ₯ Current stage: this shows whether the interview is currently being scheduled, is scheduled & on the calendar, or if the interview has been completed.

🟨 Next up: this gives more insight into the candidate's status. If you see Dover scheduling, that means Dover is coordinating scheduling for this interview and we are awaiting a response from the candidate. If you see interview scheduled, Dover has successfully scheduled the interview - you can see the interviewer in the circle icon shown here (in this example, the interviewer is a Dover Interviewer). Needs decision and needs response will show here once the interview has been completed.

🟩 Actions: this shows what actions are available to your team. Often, the πŸ‘/πŸ‘Ž menus discussed above will surface here once an interview is completed and the candidate needs a decision. If a Dover Interviewer completed the interview, you'll see a button to review the interview notes - you'll be able to submit your decision on that page. For scheduled interviews with a single interviewer, you'll see the option to πŸ“† Reschedule if needed.

πŸ’‘ Dover is capable of handling scheduling for every stage of your interview plan, even complicated onsites! Click here to learn more about our End to End Scheduling features.

πŸ“¬ Applicants

If you've enabled inbound applications in Dover, candidates categorized as a match with your search criteria will flow into this view where you can approve or reject them like you would with candidates in Responded. Once approved, they'll receive an invite to schedule an interview and move into Initial Call. To view all inbound applicants including close matches & mismatches, click Review Applicants in the top right corner of the Candidates page. Click here to learn more about Dover Inbound!

πŸ—‚οΈ Filters

The Candidates View offers filtering in the left sidebar - you can filter your candidates by their stage, as well as some advanced filters including:

  • Their status - active, rejected, etc.

  • Their source - Dover Sourcing, manual sourcing, referrals, or inbound applicants

  • Their "Next up" action - needs response, needs decision, etc.

You'll also see some Quick Filters at the top under the job title - leverage these to take quick action on candidates awaiting your response, check the status of candidates in late stages, and keep track of your upcoming interviews!

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