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Candidates Tab

Review and action all your candidates in one place!

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Candidates Tab

The Candidates Tab provides a comprehensive view of all your candidates and applicants, from their entry into your hiring process to the final interview stage.

1. Candidate View Toggle

2. Quick Filters

  • Interviewing - View all candidates currently in your interview process.

  • Scheduled - View all candidates with an upcoming scheduled interview.

  • Rejected - View all candidates who have been rejected.

3. Advanced Filters

  • Status - Active, Withdrew, Hired, Rejected, Snoozed

  • Source - Dover Sourcing, Manually Added, Referral, Inbound Application

Board View

  • Board view will display candidates as cards, sorted by stage.

  • In Board view, you can see your starred candidates at a glance, drag candidates to different stages to move them, and view all of your candidates and stages at once.

Table View

  • Table View will display all candidates in one stage.

  • Navigate through the different stages by clicking on the stage tabs at the top of the table.

Table Columns

  1. Name - Candidate's name, links to the candidate's LinkedIn profile, current job title if it's publicly listed

  2. Current Stage - Stage in the interview process: Scheduling (currently being scheduled), Scheduled, or Completed.

  3. Next Up - What the candidate is doing next

    • Dover Scheduling

    • You are Scheduling

    • Interview Scheduled + interviewer

    • Needs Action (interview is completed)

  4. Actions -

    • 'No action available' - indicates a candidate is in Scheduling for a stage

    • 'Review Interview Notes' - Dover Interview has been completed

    • 'Reschedule' - option to reschedule the interview

    • πŸ‘/πŸ‘Ž to Schedule or Reject a candidate after an interview is completed

  5. Last Modified - Last communication or action on a candidate

Candidate Stages

Outbound Lead Stages

  • New Lead - sourced candidates who have not yet been contacted with outreach

  • Contacted - outbound candidates who have been contacted with outreach, but have not yet responded.

  • Responded - candidates who have responded to outreach.

Applied Stage

  • Applied - candidates who have applied to one of your Dover-connected inbound job boards.

  • 'Application Review' Button - click this button to navigate to Application Review, where you can set your inbound criteria, see candidate scoring, and review and action candidates. You can read more about Application Review here.

Interview Plan Stages

  • There will be a column or tab (depending on your view) for each of your interview stages, such as initial call, take-home assessment, final interview, etc.

  • Candidates will be displayed in the column (or tab) for the stage they are currently in. Once a candidate completes an interview they will remain in that interview stage until they are actioned.

Offer Stage

  • Candidates who have been advanced to the 'Offer' stage will be displayed here.

  • Hired, rejected and withdrawn candidates can be seen by updating the status filter to include 'Withdrew', Hired', or 'Rejected'.

Starred Candidates ⭐

You can Star any candidate to prioritize them for easy access and save them for later.

Starred candidates is a personal feature, so your starred candidates are only visible as "starred" to you, and will not show as "starred" to your teammates.

  1. Click the ⭐ on a Candidate to toggle Starred Candidate status on or off.

  2. Your Starred Candidates will be saved in the Starred Candidates section of the left-hand side menu bar for easy access. Click on a starred candidate's name to go to their candidate detail view.

  3. In the Candidate Board view, you can see the ⭐ on your Starred Candidate cards.

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