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Recruiting analytics
Recruiting analytics

Dover helps you track key metrics and build reports. You can also build a custom dashboard using our Module Library!

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How to access Recruiting Analytics:

Log into the Dover App and click Reports!

πŸ“š Collections

Module Library

Dover comes with many pre-built modules. These have already been added to some example dashboards (see below), but you can also create new dashboards with your own assortment of modules.

How to create a new dashboard

1️⃣ Click βž• New in the top right corner, then select Dashboard.

2️⃣ Give your new dash a name, a description if you'd like, then click Create.

3️⃣ Your new dashboard will be blank. You can add custom questions or SQL queries if you're comfortable with that, or you can utilize the Module Library! To find that, click the βž• to open the sidebar, then click Collections, then select Module Library and click on any of your desired modules to add them to the dashboard. You can also add text boxes and filters using the buttons next to the βž•.

4️⃣ Customize your dashboard as you see fit! You can resize modules, change colors, and more. Here's an example from one of our customers:

If you're not super comfortable with SQL or simply don't have the time to build your own custom reporting dashboards, Dover can help with that! Please let your Embedded Recruiter know.

Your personal Collection

If you're looking for a view that doesn't exist, you can use the New Question feature to create a custom view. If you get stuck, feel free to reach out to your Dover team.

πŸ“ My Reporting Dashboards

🎯 Dover Sourcing Dashboard

This dashboard answers questions like:

  • Where did our candidates come from?

  • How successful is our outreach campaign?

  • What are the demographics of our candidate pool?

Outbound candidates contacted by week & outreach campaign data

These dashboards visualize the number of candidates you're contacting, your interest/open rates over time, and the success of your various outreach campaigns.

For all of our default dashboards, you can utilize filters at the top to focus in on a specific job, outreach campaign, recruiter/hiring manager and/or date range. This dashboard is the first dashboard shown above, filtered by a specific job.

DEI data

These dashboards visualize your metrics for attracting diverse talent. (To learn more about how to improve these metrics, check out our Diversity Hiring Guide here in the Help Center!)


Here you'll see a map of your sourced candidates based on their publicly shared location data, as well as a list of all candidates sourced by Dover - remember that you can filter these views at the top of the page!

πŸ’Ό Executive Dashboard

This dashboard answers questions like:

  • How many hires have we made, and how long did they take?

  • What sources have lead to successful hires?

You'll see key metrics on this page including number of hires, average time to hire, the success rates of your different sources, and how many candidates have made it to your offer stage.

Don't forget to utilize the filters at the top to narrow down these views!

πŸ’» Management Dashboard

This dashboard answers questions like:

  • Are our candidates having a good experience? Where do we most commonly see dropoff?

  • How healthy is our pipeline?

  • How is my recruiting team performing?

Under Overall Funnel, you'll see metrics for the overall health of your pipeline. Further down on the page, you'll see metrics for how your recruiters are doing to make sure you're providing your candidates with a positive experience.

If you're on a pricing plan that includes a Embedded Recruiter, you'll see how many billable hours you've expended, and on what tasks, at the bottom of this page.


❓ Does the data update in real-time?

The data in Recruiting Analytics updates every 1-2 hours. First-time set up may take up to 24 hours.

❓ Does Recruiting Analytics integrate with my ATS?

Recruiting Analytics integrates with Lever and Greenhouse. It also shows all your Dover candidates, regardless of whether or not they are added to your ATS.

❓Why is Dover is showing a different metric than my ATS?

There are multiple ways to track the same metrics. For example, Time to Hire could be tracked from the time the job was created, the time the requisition was created, or the time the candidate entered the process. If you have specific questions about how Dover is calculating metrics, please reach out to your Dover team.

If you haven't done so already, make sure to re-auth your Lever (link is provided in the banner at the top of Recruiting Analytics) or add the additional Greenhouse permissions as indicated here.

❓ I want to track XYZ. Can Recruiting Analytics do that?

Out of the box, Recruiting Analytics comes with many different pre-built views. If you're looking for a view that doesn't exist, you can use the New Question feature to create a custom view. If you get stuck, feel free to reach out to your Dover team.

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