Proactive steps to hire diverse talent
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Hiring Diverse Talent can take time. Dover recommends being proactive with your Diversity Hiring strategy, as it can be a lengthy process. Here are some actions you can take to help hire diverse talent fast:

Utilize "always-on" searches for diverse talent

A subset of hiring managers whom Dover works with opt to run opportunistic hires for roles that they might need down the line in parallel with roles that may need to be filled urgently. Many hiring managers may need an SDR or engineer at any point down the line, and they may find more success with diverse candidates on longer timelines if they have two searches running.

Use referrals to hire talent more quickly

Employee referrals produce hires who are quicker and cheaper to hire as well as candidates who are more likely to be hired by and to stay for a longer period of time at the company. Build a referrals program for your employees โ€” your existing talent pool is a significant source of potential and future talent, in general.

If your team is already diverse, they are more likely to have diverse talent in their network and can identify potential candidates for open roles. Your existing employees can offer deep insight into how a new teammate would contribute to the company's overall goals and mission.

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