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πŸ’‘ The first thing that candidates will do when researching your opportunity is find your company presence online. Top candidates want to know why your opportunity is more compelling than similar opportunities at other companies. Your company should make a good first impression, even before a candidate enters your process.

Recruiter checklist:

βœ… Ensure that you've set up detailed company bios on Crunchbase and Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent).

βœ… Ghost-write blog posts for your team to describe why they decided to join your company. Employees should share on their personal social media, and your company should re-share on its social media accounts. Make sure to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Dover recommends at least 3 employee blog posts.

βœ… Ensure that you appear on the first page of Google search results for your brand.

βœ… Get press for your company (recent launch, fundraising round). Dover recommends at least 1 press article every 6 months.

βœ… Write blog posts to describe your company culture. Dover recommends at least 1 post on each of the following topics.

βœ… Highlight your company's leadership. Describe why they are great leaders and why they are going to lead the business to success.

βœ… Highlight your team's mission and why people rally around it. You can turn it into a piece on your company's culture.

βœ… Highlight diversity on the team.

βœ… Refine your company's values and ensure they are featured prominently on your careers page.

βœ… Refine your company's benefits plan and ensure they are featured prominently on your careers page.

βœ… Ask candidates and current employees to leave reviews on your interview process. Make sure to post on Glassdoor and Comparably. Dover recommends having at least 15 candidate or employee reviews on each site.

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