Creating a job description

Every job needs a job description. If you have one, link it to your Dover job. If you don't, Dover can help you generate one!

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When you create a job in Dover, you can add a job description so that candidates can learn about job and your company.

I already have a job description...

No problem! If you have an existing job description, Click Yes, I have one and provide a link to your job description.

I need a job description...

If you do not have a job description, no problem! Dover can help create one for you! During your job setup, click No, generate one for me!

How to create a Dover job description:

  1. Go to the Dover App and select your job

  2. Go to the Job Posting tab of your role under Job Details

  3. If you already have the copy for your job description, simply copy and paste your job description content, format it to your liking, and click Save. If you would like to use a Dover-generated job description, Click View Dover-generated-template.

  4. Dover will generate a job description for you based on your company information and the type of role . Click Populate using this template to use the Dover-generated JD.

  5. Please confirm that you want to use Dover's JD by clicking Yes, use the new job description

  6. Edit and format the job description template, Preview your job description.

  7. Click Save changes when you are finished! ๐ŸŽ‰

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