💡 Customers love our Candidate Tracking so much that many of them use it instead of a traditional ATS or tools like Notion and Airtable.

Candidate Pipeline View

The pipeline view tells shows how many candidates are in each interview stage and which candidates need to be actioned.

In the Pipeline view, you can see where candidates are at each stage of your Interview Plan for your job. You can track whether a candidate is in scheduling, scheduled or has completed an interview stage. Our Next Up column shows what the next action for each candidate is supposed to be, so you can see candidates moving along in your pipeline.

If you use our End to End Scheduling feature, Dover will handle candidate communications and scheduling throughout the interview process.

Candidate Detail View

In the Dover App, the Candidate Detail View acts as a candidate profile. This is where you can find a candidate’s demographic information and email correspondence. Their stage and status in the interview pipeline can also be reviewed and edited from this page.

1️⃣ Candidate’s name, current role and company, LinkedIn profile

💡 If the candidate proactively supplies links to social media such as Github, Twitter, or a resume, they will appear here as well!

2️⃣ Needs Action Card shows candidate's current status and if any additional action is needed

3️⃣ Interview Notes

Your team can take interview notes or leave comments about candidates here

4️⃣ All Activity includes emails, interviews and notes about the candidate

5️⃣ Job for which candidate is being considered

6️⃣ Candidate Tracker shows which stage the candidate is in the interview process

7️⃣ Interview Stage dropdown shows all interview and scheduling stages

8️⃣ Candidate State shows whether or not the candidate is Active or not. To archive a candidate, you may select from the options in the dropdown such as Withdrew or Snooze.

9️⃣ Dover Interview Notes

🔟 Contact information including email and phone number

1️⃣1️⃣ View in Slack will connect you to the candidate view in Slack

1️⃣2️⃣ Source will indicate whether the candidate was Outbound, Inbound, a Referral, or Manually added to the Pipeline.

1️⃣3️⃣ ATS Stage. Link to candidate’s profile in your Applicant Tracking System (if you use Lever or Greenhouse).

1️⃣4️⃣ Notes internal to Dover's team

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