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Effortlessly attract and interview great candidates without the tedious admin work. Create a careers page and post on 50+ job boards. Auto-rank applicants across sources. Track and schedule candidates in one place.

πŸ”§ How to set up Dover as your ATS

  1. To enable Dover as your ATS, go to your Company Settings. Under ATS Settings, select Dover from the dropdown options.

  2. Create an Interview Plan for each job, input your interview plan stages so you can track candidates in your pipeline. You can fully customize your Interview Plan - click the ✏️ to edit each stage of your interview plan.

  3. You can now easily add and track candidates in Dover's ATS.

πŸ’‘ To learn more about editing your interview plan, check out this article.

πŸ‘₯ Applicants

With Dover's Application Review, you can quickly and easily sort through your applicants based on Sorting Criteria. "Best match" candidates will be sent to your slack and the Dover App for you to review.

How to post on Job Boards:

  1. Navigate to the Dover App and click on one of your active jobs

  2. In the Job Posting tab, select Job Boards

  3. Click +Job Board. On the Job Board Selector, click Learn more next to any job boards to learn more about them and +Add Source to have Dover post on a job board.

  4. Please select your subscription amount, select whether to automatically renew job postings, and add a credit card to pay for job postings.

πŸ‘€ Application Review

Once you have connected Job Boards in Dover, you can track and sort applicants in Dover. Applicants will be tagged as Best Match, Close Match, and Mismatch based on your Criteria, which you can adjust. You can πŸ‘ schedule interviews or πŸ‘Ž reject applicants directly from the Application review.

πŸ‘₯ Candidates

The Candidates view tells shows how many candidates are in each interview stage and which candidates need to be actioned. You can access it by clicking πŸ‘₯ Candidates in the left sidebar of your home page, or clicking πŸ‘₯ Candidates next to any job. See where candidates are at each stage of your Interview Plan and track whether a candidate is in scheduling, scheduled or has completed an interview stage. Our Next Up column shows what the next action for each candidate is supposed to be, so you can see candidates moving along in your pipeline.

You can view candidates in a kanban view as well.

πŸ‘€ Candidate Detail View

In the Dover App, the Candidate Detail View acts as a candidate/applicant profile. This is where you can find a candidate’s demographic information and email correspondence. Their stage and status in the interview pipeline can also be reviewed and edited from this page.

πŸ”΄ Candidate’s name, current role and company, LinkedIn profile

🟠 Needs Action Card shows candidate's current status and if any additional action is needed

🟑 Notes are for your team to leave comments about candidates. You can @ your team members to notify them.

🟒 Start a new email thread with a candidate

πŸ”΅ All Activity includes emails, interviews, resume, files, feedback, and notes about the candidate

🟣 Candidate Tracker shows which stage the candidate is in the interview process. You can Schedule or Reject a candidate--optionally sending them emails--change the candidate's stage in the interview process, change their status (active, withdrawn, snoozed, etc.)

πŸ”΄ Contact information includes email and phone number.

🟠 Source will indicate whether the candidate was Outbound (Sourcing Autopilot), Inbound (Applicant), or added manually (Add candidate)

🟑 ATS includes your Ashby, Greenhouse, or Lever links

🌐 Dover Careers Page

Dover can also host a careers page for you! You can set this up in the app by completing the steps outlined in this article.

  1. In the Dover App, go to the Careers page

  2. Customize your page: add a team photo, logo link, and company information

  3. Copy the Careers page link to add it to your website

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