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You can build a personalized careers page using Dover! Candidates can apply on your Careers page and you can start tracking applicants!

Why you should set up a Careers Page

Candidates frequently look at the company website to get more information about your company, so having a Careers Page outlining your brand, culture and values and your open roles can help attract better talent.

  • Build your company brand

    There are few companies that have the name recognition of a Google or a Microsoft, so job candidates may not have heard about your company yet. When Dover sends outreach to candidates, they will probably want to learn more about your company before considering your role. Having a Careers Page helps job-seekers learn more about your company.

  • Showcase your company culture

    In your Careers Page, you can showcase your current team and what makes working for your company so amazing. Be sure to include your benefits, opportunities for growth, and any other perks.

  • List all your open roles

    Sometimes you reach out to a candidate about a role, but they are not interested in that role but rather a different role that's a better fit. When you list all of your open roles on your Careers Page, job-seekers can discover a role that may be a better fit. When you don't list all your active jobs, candidates may pass on your company because they role that you sourced them for is not a fit.

🌐 What to include on your Careers Page

  • Your company logo

  • A company photo

  • Details about your company

  • All your open positions

πŸ“” Application Form

Each job will include the following:

  • A job description

  • A form for candidates to apply to the job.

Candidates who apply will be visible in Dover's Application Review

πŸ‘₯ Review Applicants

In Dover's Application Review, you can view applicants ranked by your criteria who applied from various job boards.

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