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Scheduling templates best practices
Scheduling templates best practices
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✨ You can now edit scheduling and rejection templates directly in the Dover App. These predefined templates will be sent to candidates each time you click Schedule / Reject in Slack or the App. ✨

Providing sufficient detail and care in scheduling and rejection templates is a key part of maintaining a stellar candidate experience. The communication a candidate receives during the interview process plays a key role in how they feel about the whole process and could make a meaningful difference in conversion at the end of the process.

How to edit your templates

  1. Go to the Dover App

  2. Go to Overview ➑️ Interview Plan

  3. Click the Edit dropdown for each interview stage

  4. Edit the template in Edit Mode. You can personalize your email with content following the guidelines on the right.

  5. Review your templates in Preview Mode. Click Save to change your template! πŸŽ‰

πŸ’‘ Initial call templates for Dover Interviews are not editable - please reach out to your Embedded Recruiter to make changes to these!

πŸ‘Ž About rejection templates

Rejection emails are best customized on a candidate-by-candidate basis. If you have default templates you would like to use for this role, feel free to add them into Dover.

After a candidate is done with an interview, the rejection note going out to them should include specific feedback on why they are being rejected and any feedback you can provide them on their interview performance. This personalization helps improve candidate experience and their perception of your recruiting process.

πŸ“… About scheduling templates

The emails are sent by pre-defined email senders. For the first round, it is the same email sender as the person who did the outreach and for subsequent rounds it is a virtual recruiter account. Both these accounts are managed by Dover, and we will surface any responses that need your input.

If you would like to cc / bcc someone in the templates, please contact your support team in Slack. This option is not currently supported in our UI.

βœ… The best scheduling templates include:

  • Whom they will be speaking to next.

    • NOTE: Dover offers flexibility to choose specific interviewers for each stage so it’s best to use our template variables while referring to interviewers. If you want to provide more detail on their background, you can mention what department the interviewers would be from or customize the communication on a candidate-by-candidate basis.

  • What will be covered in the next round of the process.

  • How they should prepare for the next interview.

  • If relevant, some details about the company that would be helpful to know before the next round of the process.

  • [for take-home templates only] How should candidates access the take-home assignment? How should they return it? How long do they have to work on it?

Our template editor currently does not support attachments. If you would like to send a file to candidates, we recommend making a public Google drive link for candidates to view.

Below are some best practice scheduling templates:

βœ‰οΈ Example scheduling templates

Onsite scheduling:

Hi {{first_name}},

Our engineering team was impressed by your background and experience and wanted to move forward with a virtual onsite. Congrats!

The onsite will be broken up into two days. The first day lasts 4 hours and covers:

  • 30 min call with Anvisha, our CPO OR John, our CTO, to talk more about your interests and Dover's roadmap

  • 3 hr and 30 minute technical exercise where you'll work on a single project and pair-program with 3 different engineers from Dover along the way

Our technical exercise is intended to give an authentic look into the types of problems we solve and the types of people you'd be working with – it's as much for you to judge what it's like to collaborate with us as it is for us to evaluate your skills!

If that goes well, we'll move on to day two which is ~1.5 hours and involves conversations with other team members from across the business.

If you're interested in moving forward, can you share a couple of time blocks in the next week or two that work for you?

Let me know if you have any questions. The team is looking forward to virtually meeting you!



P.S. We understand and appreciate that 3 hours for a technical exercise is a nontrivial ask. We've relentlessly iterated on the project to make it an effective measurement tool, and dare we say, fun!

Take home scheduling:

Hi {{first_name}},

We enjoyed speaking with you about the {{job_title}} role and would love to move forward!

The next step in our interview process is a short take home project. It should take about 2-3 hours, and we'd appreciate it if you could complete it within the next week.

{{insert link for take home assignment}}

If you have any questions about it please feel free to reach out!



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