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💡 Dover can help you schedule candidates from the moment they enter your funnel to the moment you’re ready to send them an offer. Dover’s platform infuses operational rigor and smart automation into every step of the recruiting process. This allows you to spend less time on tedious, manual work (like managing take-homes and scheduling onsites) and more time on pitching and closing candidates.

We schedule hundreds of onsites per month and interview processes managed by Dover see a 40%+ increase in onsite completion rate due to our scheduling and follow up processes.

💡 While Dover is continuously working to improve and further build out our scheduling capabilities, there may be certain cases that Dover cannot currently support. When in doubt, you should always ask your Customer Experience Partner at Dover to see if we are able to provide the end-to-end support you need. It’s likely that your feedback will be used to build out this functionality at a later date.

Set Up Dover Scheduling

To enable Dover Scheduling, visit the Overview page in your ⚙️Job Settings and click Set Up under Dover Scheduling.


❓ How do I set up my interview plan once Dover Scheduling is turned on?

You can access your interview plan in your ⚙️Job Settings under the Interview Plan tab. Click here for a detailed guide to setting up your interview plan!

Can Dover support more than 5 interview stages?

Currently, Dover can only support 5 interview stages for any role. The order and structure of these stages are customizable, but the most common interview stages are as follows:

  1. Initial Call

  2. Second Interview

  3. Take-home/Third Interview

  4. Onsite (can be scheduled over multiple days)

  5. Final Interview

If you have special requests or use a flow that doesn’t match what you see above, please reach out to your Customer Experience Partner at Dover to determine if we can help support your situation.

Dover will soon be offering more flexibility with the number of stages in the interview plan.

How does Dover support take-home stages?

Dover will send take-homes to candidates on your behalf based on the information you provide us. Dover can not create or customize a take-home assignment for you.

If you are using a take-home assignment, you can input information about the assignment in the scheduling templates for that interview stage - click here for more information. You may also provide the details of the assignment to your Customer Experience Partner who can generate a template to send to the candidates.

When candidates complete their take-home, a notification will be triggered in Slack to obtain next steps from you.

Our Onsite is complicated, how does Dover handle these?

💡 Dover has experience successfully administering and scheduling thousands of onsite interviews with various formats for our customers. If you think your onsite stage is too complicated, chances are we’ve seen it before!

Dover will inform candidates about the structure and format of the onsite interview while asking candidates for times that they are available. We will then check the availability of the interviewers who need to be included and schedule the onsite accordingly. If needed, Dover can schedule onsites over multiple days and make modifications to your onsite on a candidate-by-candidate basis; click here for more info!

Can Dover support scheduling debriefs once an Onsite interview is completed?

Yes! You will see the option to schedule a debrief for the duration of your choosing when setting up your onsite in the interview plan. Debriefs will be scheduled at the earliest calendar availability for all members of the onsite.

Can Dover support reference checks?

Dover cannot conduct reference checks for you at this time. If you’d like to request reference information from the candidate, Dover can include these types of questions in the Onsite scheduling templates so that the candidate sends you their references while we’re scheduling them for an Onsite interview. You will need to conduct the reference checks yourself at this time.

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