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When you reject a candidate in Dover, you can choose to send a rejection email to them. What that rejection email says depends on many factors including what stage of the hiring process they are in and what type of candidate they are (eg, did they apply or were they sourced).

Please note that the rejection emails below are examples only and may not be the exact email sent to your rejected candidates.

When: Before an initial interview

📧 Sourcing Autopilot candidates

Dover will send a rejection email to the candidate 24 hours after they are rejected.

If there is a clear reason for the rejection such as a candidate’s desired compensation does not match the role or they are interested in part-time work but the role is full-time or visa sponsorship would be required but cannot be accommodated, the rejection email will include those reasons. If other candidates are in late stages, if the role is paused, or if the role is filled, we will notify candidates.


📬 Applicants

By default, candidates will not be sent a rejection note.

How to send applicants a rejection email:

  1. In the Dover App, click on a job

  2. Under the Job Posting tab under Automation, select the checkbox next to "Send rejection email to rejected applicants".

  3. Edit the rejection email template and click Submit.

When: After initial call

By default, Dover will send a rejection email to the candidate 24 hours after they are rejected.

You can customize your rejection email template for every stage of the interview process in the Interview Plan.

How to customize your rejection email template:

  1. Go to the Dover App

  2. Click the job

  3. Under Interview Plan, click ✏️ next to the Stage Name.

  4. Under Email templates, select Rejection from the dropdown.

  5. Customize your rejection email template and click Next


When: After final interview

Dover does not send rejection emails to candidates who have completed your entire interview process in Dover. This is by design. Dover does not have enough information to send an automated templated email to candidates who have gone through a lengthy interview process. Best practice is to customize your rejection note and provide them with feedback on their interview process and why you will not be offering them a role.


❓ Can I customize the email you send to a specific rejected candidate?

Yes! You can customize the email sent to any candidate along with your rejection. The process for doing so depends on whether or not you use Embedded Recruiter.

❓ Can I customize my rejection email template?

Yes! You can modify rejection templates by following the steps outlined here.

❓ Is the same rejection email sent to all candidates?

No, we have multiple templates for various scenarios, so candidates receive different emails.

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