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Excluding contacts from outreach
Excluding contacts from outreach
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If you want us to exclude your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts, you can export them here:

🏢 Companies

You can exclude candidates who currently work at companies from receiving outreach. This is particularly useful if you have non-compete arrangements with companies or you don't want to poach workers from a friend's startup.

💼 LinkedIn

How to export your LinkedIn connections:

  1. Under "Getting a copy of your data" select "Connections" and click "Request archive"

  2. Linkedin will email you when the export is complete. (Don't see it? Check your spam folder!)

Once your teammates have successfully uploaded their LinkedIn connections, they will be visible in Dover. Teammates who are Dover users and who have not uploaded their contacts will be listed here as well.

❌ Other Exclusions

Upload a CSV of candidates your team has previously reached out to here:

You’ll need the following columns:

ℹ️ It's very helpful to provide names and email addresses, however the only required input is LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn

  • Full Name

  • Email

💡 If you're using other tools like Gem, Workable etc - they will usually have export to CSV functionality!

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