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View all inbound candidates in the Dover App using the Inbound Application Review Page

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Dover now offers a feature called Application Review. The top applicants for each role will still surface in Slack, but the Application Review page allows you to easily review all of your applicants in one place in the Dover App.

πŸ‘₯ Applicants

How to review your Applicants:

  1. Go to Candidates in the Dover App

  2. In this view, applicants will be sorted alphabetically by default

  3. πŸ”΄ Click a candidate to view more details about their application

  4. 🟒 You can πŸ‘ Schedule or πŸ‘Ž Reject applicants with the click of a button

  5. 🟣 You can review sorted applicants by clicking Review Applicants

  6. ⚫ Click Inbound preferences to view your criteria for applicants

πŸ““ Application Review page

How to access the Application Review page:

  1. Go to Application Review in the Dover App

  2. πŸ”΅ Candidates will be labeled Best match, Close match, or Mismatch based on your criteria.

  3. πŸ”΄ Click Criteria to adjust the criteria for your applicants.

    ℹ️ Best match, close match and mismatch labels are based on your criteria. Learn more about making adjustments to each filter.

  4. 🟑 Sort applicants by Best match, newest or oldest applicants.

  5. 🟣 You can πŸ‘ Schedule or πŸ‘Ž Reject applicants with the click of a button

  6. Once you have reviewed all applicants, you will see this message:

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