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Review all applicants in the Dover App using the Application Review Page

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Dover now offers a feature called Application Review. The top applicants for each role will still surface in Slack, but the Application Review page allows you to easily review all of your applicants in one place in the Dover App.

πŸ““ Application Review page

  1. Actioning Applicants in Application Review

    Embedded Recruiter Enabled

    • You can πŸ‘ Schedule or πŸ‘Ž Reject applicants and Dover will email applicants based on your preferences.

    • You can πŸ”– Bookmark applicants

    • Click ... for more options including customizing messages to applicants

    Embedded Recruiter Disabled

    • You can πŸ‘ Schedule or πŸ‘Ž Reject applicants and optionally email applicants. Please note that you must have Gsuite in order to email applicants through Dover.

    • You can πŸ”– Bookmark applicants

    • For more options, click More or ...

  2. Resume, Application, and Notes

    • Application resumes will be visible here

    • If you are using Dover's Application Form, you can view applicant answers here

    • Tag team members or your Embedded Recruiter in Notes to share thoughts or action items

  3. Reviewing and Sorting Applicants

    • Applicants will be labeled 🟒 Best match, πŸ”΅ Close match, or 🟑 Mismatch based on your criteria.

    • Filter applicants based on criteria and other filters

    • Sort by Best match, newest or oldest applications

    • Bulk action applicants and, optionally, email them

    • Search for applicants by name

    • Update your applicant criteria. Changes to your criteria will affect your match score (🟒 Best match, πŸ”΅ Close match, or 🟑 Mismatch)

    • Sort applicants using AI Chat

  4. Criteria and AI Chat

    • Sort applicants with the help of Dover's AI Applicant Sorting.

    • Sort applicants by setting specific Criteria

  5. Applicant information

    • View applicants' name, profile links (LinkedIn, Github, etc), job board, email address, and date they applied.

πŸ‘₯ Applicants on the Candidates page:

  1. Go to Candidates in the Dover App and click on the Applicants tab

  2. Click a candidate to view more details about their application

  3. You can πŸ‘ Schedule or πŸ‘Ž Reject applicants with the click of a button

  4. You can review sorted applicants by clicking Review Applicants

  5. Click Inbound preferences to view your criteria for applicants

Applicants tab at a glance:

  1. Name - Candidate's name, links to the candidate's LinkedIn profile, current job title if it's publicly listed

  2. Current Stage - Stage in the interview process: Applied. ⚠️ By selecting another stage from the dropdown options, you will move the applicant to another stage in the interview plan without letting the applicant an email letting them know. To send the applicant an email, please use the πŸ‘.

  3. Next Up - Select the next interviewer and πŸ‘ Approve an applicant or πŸ‘Ž Reject them. Depending on your Interview Plan and Dover settings, applicants will be sent scheduling or rejection emails.

  4. Actions - Click πŸ‘ŽReject or select the interviewer from the dropdown and then πŸ‘ Schedule to send them a scheduling email.

  5. Last modified - When the applicant applied for your role

  6. Review Applicants - Review all applicants sorted and ranked by your criteria

  7. Inbound Preferences - Change your criteria for applicants

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