To snooze a candidate in the Dover App, select Snooze from the dropdown under the interview stage tracker in the Candidate Detail View.

⚡Dover has tested snoozing candidates and found that candidates become unresponsive or uninterested after time has passed and often, the customer has made a hire and the job is no longer active. When you snooze a candidate, let our Customer Support Team know so that we can communicate with the candidate or forward you their email communications so that you can communicate with the candidate directly.

How does Dover currently support “snoozing” candidates?

Ask the candidate to reach back out: Let Dover Customer Support know that you would like to snooze a candidate and we'll send a note on your behalf inviting the candidate to reach back out when they are ready to start the interview process. If the role is still hiring, Dover will reach out to you via slack to confirm if you are still interested and move the candidate through the respective interview process.

Remind Dover to reach back out: After the respective period of time, let Dover Customer Support know you are particularly interested in circling back with a candidate, send us their name, and we will reach out on your behalf.

Reach out outside of Dover: Let Dover Customer Support know you would like to take the lead on a “snoozed” candidate, and we will forward you the email thread so you can keep track and respond directly.

🚨If you change the candidate’s status in the app to “Snooze”, please ping Dover Customer Support so we can confirm the candidate is handled appropriately. Please be advised if Dover Customer Support is not notified, the candidate may not receive the appropriate next steps.

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