In the Dover app, the Candidate Detail View acts as a candidate profile. This is where you can find a candidate’s demographic information and email correspondence. Their stage and status in the interview pipeline can also be reviewed and edited from this page.

  1. Candidate’s name, current role and company, LinkedIn profile

    1. If the candidate proactively supplies links to social media such as Github, Twitter, or a resume, they will appear here as well!

  2. Needs Action Card

    1. Hiring managers must approve or reject candidates in Dover to move them through the pipeline. If Dover is waiting on action from a hiring manager, it will appear here and in Slack.

      1. NEEDS ACTION: The customer is responsible for communicating next steps to the candidate. They could use the Next Steps form on our app if it is after 1st or 2nd round completed, or they can communicate with the candidate directly

      2. NEEDS DECISION: The customer needs to tell Dover what to do with the candidate. For Initial Review or 1st round completed, they can make the decision directly on the detail view but for jobs on LSS, the next steps need to be communicated in Slack for now. We are working on supporting Advance / Reject from the candidate detail view

  3. Interview Notes

    1. Your team can take interview notes or leave comments about candidate's here

  4. All Activity

    1. All Activity includes Emails, Interviews, and Notes

    2. Emails include outreach messages sent by Dover, candidate responses, and any responses either initiated by Dover or where a Dover email is cc’d.

      💡 Dover handles all correspondence with candidates, so you won’t need to reach out directly!

    3. Interviews will show the dates that a candidate has scheduled an interview and with whom. Interview cancellations will appear as well.

    4. Notes

  5. Job candidate is being considered for

    💡 For candidate's still under review to be approved or rejected, you can move them to a different job. For more information on moving candidates, read this article.

  6. Candidate Tracker shows which stage the candidate is in the interview process

  7. Interview Stage dropdown shows all interview and scheduling stages.

  8. Candidate State shows whether or not the candidate is Active or not. To archive a candidate, you may select from the options below

    1. 🟢 Active - candidate is active in the pipeline

    2. 🟡 Snooze - you and the candidate would like to reconnect at a later date

    3. 🔴 Withdrew - candidate is no longer interested or becomes unresponsive

    4. 🎉 Hired

    5. 🔴 Rejected

    💡Every change made in the dropdown will reflect in the pipeline and detail view history immediately.

  9. Dover Interview Notes

    1. If a Dover Interviewer is selected to speak with a candidate for the first round interview, the notes from their call will appear here (you can also find them in Slack).

      💡 Call notes in the Dover app appear for Dover-facilitated interviews only!

  10. Contact information including email and phone number

  11. View in Slack will connect you to the candidate view in Slack

  12. Source will indicate whether the candidate was Outbound, Inbound, a Referral, or Manually added to the pipeline.

  13. Link to candidate’s profile in your Applicant Tracking System (if you use Lever or Greenhouse). This also includes their current ATS Stage.

  14. Notes about next steps for candidates

    1. This section saves all information in realtime - data cannot be recovered once deleted from this box. Be aware that this is used by Dover’s internal team as well!

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