💡 The Dover Interviewer service allows hiring managers and teams to:

1️⃣ Move candidates quickly through the initial stages - strike while the iron is hot and ensure you don't miss out on a great candidate.

2️⃣ Screen out false positives - save time for your team and for candidates who are not the best fit for you right now.

Dover Interviewers have conducted thousands of interview screens, building high-quality and efficient candidate pipelines for hiring managers and teams while saving them time.

We have launched an expanded version of the Dover Interviewer offering: A Dedicated Dover Interviewer! A Dedicated Interviewer works with your company to optimize the hiring manager and candidate experience with a personalized and high-touch approach. If you choose to use a Dedicated Interviewer, they will be the only interviewer(s) conducting calls for your roles.

Who are Dover's Dedicated Interviewers?

  • Dover Interviewers are a team of experienced interview specialists who are dedicated to running high-quality first-round screens. These Dover interview specialists have each conducted hundreds of phone screens spanning all departments (engineering, bizops, marketing, growth, etc.) for multiple high-growth companies.

  • Dover's Dedicated Interviewers are the most experienced and tenured Dover Interview Specialists. Each Dedicated Interviewer is trained in managing difficult candidate conversations across various types of roles and seniorities. These interviewers will work closely with you to understand your company's pitch and provide a stellar candidate and hiring manager experience.

How do Dover Dedicated Interviewers help you achieve your hiring goals?

  • Initial calibration with the Dedicated Interviewer on company background and job-specific pitch empowers Dedicated Interviewers to pitch the most technically complex roles. Additionally, you can align on the ideal candidate qualities so your interviewer knows where to focus during the initial call.

  • Custom questions (informed by Dover's proprietary first-round interviewer questions) for the initial phone screen.

    • Each question will have a pre-defined answer format to ensure consistent scoring and evaluation.

    • Your Dover Customer Success Manager will help craft the perfect rubric and cadence for each of your open positions as some questions (e.g., basic technical questions or detailed behavioral questions) may be a better fit for later in the interview process.

    • Dedicated Interviewers are equipped to cover sophisticated compensation questions (e.g., split up base + bonus + equity + commission expectations for sales candidates).

  • Ongoing check-ins with your Dedicated Interviewer to share any needed details about promising candidates and refine the interview process as needed.

Note: When using Dover Interviewer, you have control over the strategic portions of the process (i.e. the details of your pitch, ideal candidate) and the ability to speak to a candidate first yourself, if you so choose.

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